saltwater bowfishing

A Thorough Guide on How to do Saltwater Bow fishing

Introduction to How to do Saltwater Bowfishing

You probably have spent the weekend in some of the city’s historical landmarks. Perhaps, you have explored other top attractions. What are the other activities to enjoy during your leisure time or vacation?  This article will explain about Saltwater Bowfishing that can be used as the guideline when wanting to Saltwater Bowfishing at the ocean.

How to do Saltwater Bow fishing?

  1. Know Your Basic Tools and Equipment
  2. Bow and arrow that suitable for Saltwater Bow Fishing
  3. Set up Your Bow and Arrow Properly 
  4. Know about the Weather
  5. Use a Quality Pair of Polarized Glasses 
  6. Know About Your Arrow for Shooting
  7. Practice Your Shooting

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Bowfishing should be your next adventure. Instead of sitting on the couch for a day, why don’t you bowfish in popular saltwater out there? Yes, you heard it right! Apart from the fresh catch, the hunting experience is intense, fun, and memorable. 

But the bowfishing adventure is easier said than done. Worry no more! In this guide, you will know everything about saltwater bowfishing. Are you ready? Enjoy! 

Necessary and Basic Tools when Saltwater Bowfishing

The bow is the basic tool for this saltwater adventure. The sturdy option works in aquatic environments, handle other elements and lasts for years. Bowfishing bows usually come with accessories like bowfishing reels. But you can buy the sets separately. 

An arrow is another material you cannot afford to miss. What’s the best bowfishing arrow to take advantage of? Well, this accessory is made of fiberglass, carbon-fiber composite, and other quality components. Do you want the most durable solution? Do you prefer a heavy or lightweight brand? Do you like bowfishing arrows that come with an aesthetic appeal? Whatever the case may be, identify your unique needs and requirements. 

A bow with arrow rests is ideal for bowfishing beginners because of its simplest system.  There are no obstructions. Since there’s no loop of line to wrap the arrow rest, a slide system or arrow cabling should not be overlooked. 

Popular bowfishing arrow rest is the Tri-Loop. It is a triangle of steel that consists of lines and arrows. 

Other Accessories You Should Use when Saltwater Bowfishing

Aside from the arrow, bow, and rest, there are other tools and materials you should utilize. These include fish points, bowfishing line, finger savers, rod attachments, tubs, spools, tub fishing, spool fishing, reels, bow-mounted spools, nets, grapples, gaffs, and polarizing glasses. For more information, please feel free to ask for help from a skilled friend or colleague. 

How to Choose the Best Saltwater Bowfishing Bow? 

Bowfishing bows come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. They are also available in a great number of quality options. So, the selection of a feature-packed solution is tricky. To have a worthwhile investment, identify your budget beforehand. Then, determine the length of the bow that best suits your needs. After that, figure out the limit of your draw weight and get some reliable accessories. You can also ask a friend or colleague for referrals. 

Species to Catch During a Saltwater Bowfishing Adventure 

There are different species you can catch when bowfishing. Common options include rays, sheepshead, sharks, and flounder. Stingrays and skates are the other saltwater bowfishing targets. Some anglers, however, release stingrays and skates because they don’t know how they are cooked. The stingrays, for instance, can be filleted. Then, fry the fillets in butter. The meat is also delicious and has some unique/addicting taste. 

To know other edible species, ask the locals. Or visit reliable websites to know other information. Be wary when catching saltwater fish. 

What’s the Best Time to Engage in Bowfishing Activity? 

It’s frustrating to spend hours on the boat while waiting for a saltwater fish to catch. Before a bowfishing activity, it’s ideal to know the best season. Read on for further details! 

  • Most Pronounced Tidal Movement 

Have you ever engaged in a bowfishing adventure during a slack tide? How’s the experience? Did you catch something tasty and flavorful? Perhaps, you didn’t capture even one fish. The ideal fishing time is when the tide is most pronounced. 

  • Plenty of Water Movement 

When there’s plenty of tidal movement, crustaceans and baitfish are active. When the bait is moving, the predatory fish is no exception. So, go out of your home and don’t miss the chance of catching big fish. 

  • A Strong Incoming Tide 

Another good fishing time is during a strong tide because the current bring crustaceans, baitfish, and other prey into the land. 

  • Think About the Lunar Phases 

Different factors affect a successful fishing experience. Fishing moon phases are a perfect example. A full moon shines more light on saltwater at night, which can impact the feeding patterns of fish. 

During a full moon, the saltwater tides are stronger because of the pull of gravity. So, baitfish and other prey tend to be more active. 

  • Weather Patterns 

Weather patterns (the arrival of a front) bring warmer and cooler air temperature, which can affect bowfishing. So, go before a front occurs to have a successful and fun adventure.  

  • Time of Day

Dawn is another best time to go saltwater bowfishing. This is especially true when the tidal movements and weather are favorable. Also, consider a reliable saltwater tide chart. 

Other factors include migration patterns and seasons. 

Practical Tips for Bowfishing Success 

Every enthusiast wants a successful bowfishing adventure. But it requires a skill, effort, and time. Don’t worry! Here are practical and helpful tips for you! 

  • Set up Your Bow Properly 

Unable to hit fish? Then, your bow is not properly tuned. In ensuring the arrows fly accurately, proper arrow tuning can come into play. 

  • Use a Quality Pair of Polarized Glasses 

Saltwater bowfishing is usually done during the day. With the sunlight, you may struggle to see the fish. A pair of polarized glasses is imperative. Therefore, take your time when selecting a good brand. A comfortable pair has got you covered. 

  • Employ the Best Arrows 

Fiberglass arrows are the preferred option for those who are just starting. Although carbon fiber arrows are gaining immense popularity, fiberglass options should be on top of your list. They are light, compact, stylish, easy to use, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. 

  • Practice Shooting 

The water refracts light, making the fish appear higher than it is. That’s why it is important to aim for a spot beneath the target. It sounds easy, right? The process, however, requires intensive practice. So, engage in a series of shooting drills. 

What else? It’s a bright idea to emphasize a smooth draw, utilize a bottle-style reel, consider two-barb tips, use fingers, and employ a recurve bow. Plus, practice bowfishing at night for a more accurate shot. 

Conclusion for best bow fishing for saltwater

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