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Signs You Should Invest in Type Of Fish Hooks

What You Should Know Before Investing in Fish Hooks

There are different types of fish hooks available in the market. This article provides an overview of types of Fish Hooks that important for the fish hunter when want to hunt fish in the oceans.

Broadly fish hooks are classified into three types, i.e., bait hooks, fly hooks, and lure hooks. Then there are different types of hooks in these categories.

 The types of hooks differ in shape, size, application, materials, points, and barbs. Anglers have a wide variety of hooks to choose from. The choice of the hook mostly depends upon the type of water and fish.

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Fish Hooks:

It is a tool that is used by anglers to catch fish. This tool is curved and pointy. The hook is attached to the line by tying a knot. The anglers use different types of small insects and worms as bait to catch fish.

Type of Fish Hooks:

Here, we will discuss the different types of fish hooks used by anglers.

  • Treble Hook:

A treble hook is like a combination of three of two hooks. On a single shaft, there are multiple hooks attached. These hooks have three or two pointy sides instead of one. It is more effective compared to a single hook.

  • Aberdeen Hooks:

These hooks are used for bait fishing. It is made from a thin wire. These hooks are easy to use, as you can simply attach the bait on it. The bait remains alive when you put the hook in the water. If it gets snagged, you can add some force and pull it free. 

  • Bait Hooks:

There are different types of bait hooks available in the market. These are the most common types of hooks used by anglers. You can use short as well as long bait hooks. The barb helps to keep the bait in place.

  • Circle Fish Hooks:

These hooks are in circular shapes. It is mostly used when fishing with live bait. It keeps the bait alive—the hooking percentage increases when you use a circle hook for fishing.

  • Egg Fish Hooks:

These hooks have a wide gap and are shorter. You can use these hooks with salmon eggs, corn, and other baits.

  • Octopus Hooks:

These hooks have a low weight. You can use it if you want to do fishing with low weight and size of hook. You can use it for hooking leech. There are many variations in this hook type.

  • Offset Shank Fish Hooks:

It is an L shape hook. You can use it with plastic worms. 

  • Siwash Fish Hooks:

These hooks have a long shank and straight eye. These hooks are perfect for luring fish. You can use this hook instead of treble hooks. 

  • Weedless Hooks:

These hooks don’t get tangled in weed or debris. They have a weed guard on top. This guard runs from the eye of the hook to the point.

  • Worm Hooks:

There are many different types of work hooks used by anglers. You can use this hook with a plastic bait. These hooks have wide gaps that easily penetrate the mouth of the fish. 

These are the different types of fish hooks you can use. You can choose the hook as per the water and the choice of fish and bait.