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5 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Sharpen Fish Hooks

Information about Sharpen Fish Hooks that you need to know

When you use a fishing hook for a long time, it becomes dull and blunt. This article provides an overview regarding sharpen fish hooks that important for fisherman when want to hunt animals in the ocean and sea.

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How to Sharpen Fish Hooks With a File

  • Use a Filer or Hook Sharpener
  • Flat on the Outside and Backside
  • Side at 45 Degree Angle
  • Other Side at 45 Degree Angle
  • Touch Up

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It would help if you sharpened it from time to time to avoid losing the fish. Anglers need a unique instrument called hook sharpener to do it.

Fishing hooks are super sharp and pointy when you buy it, but with time rust settle upon it, thereby making it lose the sharpness. If you use a dull hook to catch fish, it will be useless. 

The trick to catching more fish is using a fish sharp hook.

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How to Sharpen Small Fish Hooks:

It is a tool that is used to catch fish. This tool is curved and pointy on one side. The pointy side is very sharp. Anglers add worms as bait on the pointy side to trap fish. When you put the hook in the water, the fishes tries to catch the worm. 

In the process, the hook’s pointy side impales the fish in the mouth, thereby trapping them. The angles then pull the hook out of the water and catch the fish.

Fishing Hook Sharpening Stone:

Anglers have to regularly sharpen their fish hooks to make it sharp and pointy. It is a critical process in hunting fish.

Here, we will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Use a Filer or Hook Sharpener

In order to sharpen the hook, you need a separate sharpening tool. Most anglers use a filer to do it. But if you want to do it properly, you can use a hook sharpener. If you are using a large hook, you can use a battery-powered stone to sharpen it.

Step 2: Flat on the Outside and Backside

After you get the sharpening tool, you need to file the outside of the hook. Hold the hook in position and file the outside of the hook. You have to keep the filer at 90 degrees to keep it flat on the outside. After outside, sharp it from the backside too. Keep the filer flat.

Step 3: Side at 45 Degree Angle

As you want to keep the hook point in a triangular shape to make it pointy, you need to file the side at a 45-degree angle. Hold the hook in position and use a filer to sharpen the side. Now, instead of sharpening it flat, tilt the filer at 45 degrees and file the side. It will create a triangular point.

Step 4: Other Side at 45 Degree Angle

You have to follow the same process for the other side. Hold the hook and file the other side at a 45-degree angle to sharpen it.

Step 5: Touch Up

Now, you need to touch up the point of the hook. Hold the hook and check if it is sharpened in the right way. Check the sharpness and the point. If it is not pointy enough, then touch up the tip to make it extra pointy. Be careful with your hands.

This is how you can easily sharpen fish hooks. So, next time you go fishing, remember to keep a filer handy and sharpen the hook before you use it.

As a conclusion when you wnat to sharpen fish hooks you must learn and understand the technique that required so that it will helps you in the future.

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