bowfishing dogtooth tuna

How to Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna?

Introduction How to Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna

Dogtooth Tuna is a Gymnosarda fish, and it is a unicolor fish which is also known with other names like white Tuna. It is quite a popular fish and a species of pelagic marine, and it belongs to the Scombridae family. This article will explain about Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna that is important for bowhunters when want to spearfishing fist at lake or ocean.

. This fish can easily reach the length of 190 to 248 centimeters with an average weight of 130 Kg, which make it quite a popular choice to catch.

If you love Dogtooth Tuna and want to catch it with the help of a spearfishing method, then you need to be selective. Due to the sharp tooth, holding it might be a hard choice, but if you aim with a spear arrow and then pull it to the bucket, then you will be able to have better control.

No doubt catching this fish might be a tricky choice and if you don’t want to get hurt while capturing this fish then follow the below mentioned tips which will enhance your overall fish capturing experience. On the other hand, it will provide you a better insight into the fish.

1. Learn About Dogtooth Tuna

No doubt that Dogtooth Tuna has sharp teeth, and it is hard to catch directly. But if you use a net or other equipment to have a better grip on, then things become easier. You are about to spend a little time catching this fish with all the equipment you have.

Using a reel seems like the hardest choice, and many experts suggest that Dogtooth Tuna can pull you from the boat due to their intense weight and strength. So, don’t use the reel directly. Once you shot the vital organ with a spear, then you are able to get this fish outside.

The weight and size of dogtooth tuna are more than 100 Kg normally, so you need real strength and a proper suit up to get into the water and catching them without any problem. Meanwhile, you need to avoid getting too close to the fish. 

2. Where to Look?

When you are in the wide ocean and don’t know that where to find, then you should avail of a little detail about the zone to look after. If you are living in the US, then you can find plenty of places to look after. These places are full of Dogtooth Tuna, and these places can ease up looking after the right fish.

When you are trying to catch Dogtooth Tuna, then you need to be selective with the zone, and once you are done looking at the right zone, then you need a boat to find the right place. Moreover, you need plenty of other equipment to get started with your fishing experience. Zone matters a lot, and you can’t find dogtooth in coastal areas mainly.

It doesn’t matter that which boat you prefer, find the zone where you can trace down a number of fishes.

3. Equipment 

You have to take a deep dive in most of the cases, and it would be a better choice if you have all the necessary equipment ready. A diving suit and oxygen tank are playing a crucial role here. There are plenty of diving suits available, and when you are taking the dive, you should be looking at the right place to begin your research.

It might take more than half-hour to find the right fish when you are underwater. On the other hand, you need some safety gear at the same time. Once you begin the hunt, equipment will play a vital role in staying safe. This will be an effective and highly reliable option, that’s why you should choose some of the best equipment to get started with.

4. How Deep to Look after?

Dogtooth Tuna rarely comes to the surface, so you have to get into the water to look after and stab with a spearfishing tool. When you are trying hard to look at the surface, you will end up wasting time. But if you choose the right zone, then going under the water will be a safer choice with proper equipment.  

Once you go 10 meters to 100 meters of range under the water, you get a clear view of what’s around. In this case, you can use the spear to stab at the right part. This method will help to stab effectively. But, make sure that you choose a zone with no shark and other deadliest creatures around.

Try to look into the water to find what fishes are there, and you can find other common types of Tuna fish for sure. Looking at their habitats will help. If you are in the Indian or Western Pacific Ocean, then you will be finding a better number of fishes to look after. This is a highly reliable method to consider.

5. Right Weather and Time

When you are underwater, you are supposed to stay as close as possible. If you go too far from the boat, then you might face issues returning. Your fishing snorkels can’t help much when the water level is high, and there is an upcoming storm. In such weather conditions, most of the fishes are in their habitats.

Due to this reason, you should check the weather forecast before getting started on this journey. It might take a little time to find the right fish, but once you hit the right season, time, and zone, chances of catching a higher number of Dogtooth Tuna increases in such cases. You can take advice from people who usually catch dogtooth tuna. This will help in finding the right fish without any problem.

Bottom Line 

After considering the above-mentioned tips, you are capable of catching a dogtooth tuna fish by this method. Keep it in mind that catching a fish requires skills, and you need to master using spear before getting into such a large ocean. If you are a good swimmer and you know how to use a spear effectively, then you can easily catch a higher number of fishes without any problem.