bowfishing from paddleboard

How to Spearfishing from Paddle Board?

Introduction Spearfishing from Paddle Board

Paddle Board is a board that is used for spearfishing in water to catch various fishes. It is used by those who are mainly experts in driving this. It is risky to be driven by a normal person who doesn’t know about a paddleboard. This article will explain about Spearfishing from Paddle Board that is important for spearfisher to hunt for the fish at lake or ocean.

This board can lead your life to risk, while fishing if the balance of your boat drifts than what you will do. If people want to do spearfishing over this boat, then they need to learn the basic techniques for this. 

On a paddleboard, you have to catch the fishes by standing over it. Different people have different talents, and the people who are having the ability to catch fishes by standing then they can perform this task. Balance is the main factor of this paddleboard, as it’s not easy to catch fishes by standing over a running board.

 If you want to learn how to use this paddleboard without getting in danger, then you should follow the following tip. These tips can solve your problem of getting knowledge related to paddleboard. Here are some tips: 

1. Have a cooler and Gearbox:

These are the two main tools that are needed ion spearfishing on a paddleboard. The cooler helps you to store various items in it, such as cold drinks, food, and fishes. It also helps you to have a seat when you get tired and also helps in seeing the farther things from a higher view. The gearbox helps you to keep all the essential tools in one place, which is easy to access from the same particular space. Coolers are of various varieties, such as some have rod holders and livelihood design on the right side of the coolers.

2. Start out fishing structure:

The most frustrating thing about spearfishing is that you have to keep yourself in a position with various options for catching a fish. It can be more challenging when you try to find multiple fish from the straight paddleboard, which is not easy to handle. But there is no need to worry when you are sight fishing them you can stop at one place and catch the fish from there. You need to set the structure of the fishing first before driving a paddleboard. Fishing structure helps you in establishing a proper plan for paddleboard spearfishing.

3. Bring an Anchor:

It is as essential as all the other gears that are needed at the time of paddleboard spearfishing. When you have an anchor at the fishing time, then it helps you to stop quietly and quickly so that you can catch the fish without any noise. If you don’t have an anchor at the time of fishing, then you have to spend more time in positioning and stopping your board. Lack of an anchor can leads you to time wastage and many other losses. So you need to have an anchor at the time of fishing doesn’t matter what type of fishing, but the anchor is essential.

4. Artificial is more natural than Live Bait: 

It is challenging to transport live bait on your paddleboard as buckets are full of water, and baits are heavy. Artificial lures are more comfortable to carry and can be easily managed on the water. Live baits required high maintenance, but these artificial baits don’t need any support, so you should prefer to use artificial lures. It gets hard for the paddleboard to balance itself with so much load over it. Overload increases the chances of drifting of the board. People should always use artificial baits instead of live bait. 

5. A good board is key when Spearfishing from Paddle Board:

In paddleboard, spearfishing a good-quality board is the key to success. If you are using a good quality paddleboard, then you are able to catch more fishes with concentration. If you are using any bad quality board, then you won’t be able to have proper focus and hook more fishes. It would be best if you used that board that can carry your weight as well as the items or objects that you are having along with you. Most of the boards are specially designed for spearfishing purposes, and you should prefer those boards.  Once you get comfortable with the board, then there is no limit in catching fishes with huge benefits and profits. 

How to keep your board safe?

  • It would be best if you keep your board out of the sun as it helps from getting it damage or burnt.
  • Always keep the board in its bag that helps you to keep it safe from dings and other misfortunes.
  • Don’t put so much of other stuff in the board’s bag that may harm the board.
  • Always put the board safely in the water instead of throwing it harshly.
  • If you have a vent plug in your board, than that needs to be checked from time to time and should always be tightened or loosened according to its need.
  • Wash all the tools after coming back from salt water so that they keep clean and clear in their toolbox.
  • You should always check the dings and cracks if any on the board took place at the time of spearfishing.
  • Clean the board periodically, and don’t let it get in touch with gunk or any other bad thing.
  • When your board is being not in use, then you should look after it from time to time so that no insect can damage it or destroy it.

Final Verdict

As per the information mentioned above, you can understand the important tactics that should be used while using a paddleboard.  All the necessary things are described in the above points that can help you in taking care of your paddleboard. You are guided by how you can handle your board at the time of spearfishing. After that, how to keep your board safe. To keep your board clean and clear is a very important task to be performed.