Understand How to Spearfishing Halibut Fish

Introduction to Spearfishing Halibut Fish

You probably have been spearfishing halibut for months now. How’s the experience? Perhaps, it’s terrible because the Halibut is hard to catch. They are strong and aggressive. They will wear you out. But once you realize the best spearfishing technique, the rewards are worth the effort and time. This article will explain about Spearfishing Halibut that is important for spearfishers when want to spearfishing halibut fish at lake or ocean.

How to Spearfishing for Halibut Fish

How to spearfish Halibut properly? What type of protective gear to use? What are the rules to follow? Good questions, and you have come to the right place!

Spearfishing: A Brief Overview on Spearfishing Halibut Fish

It’s possible your first time to hear spearfishing. The method, however, has been around for centuries now. It has been used for projectile hunting since ancient times. Other hunting techniques were forgotten, but spearfishing has passed the test of time. 

Today, adventurous anglers and other enthusiasts apply the traditional fishing strategy. They dive under the water to hunt or snorkel. They use a gun with a spear, observe the fish habitats, and prepare to shoot while hiding behind the rocks. 

Halibut Fish: What Do You Know?

Let’s say you have spearfished yellowtail, hogfish, white fish, and grouper. Now, what’s next? Halibut should be on top of your list. Why should you spearfish Halibut for your next adventure? Halibut is fleshy, delicious, and protein-packed. 

From the flounder family, Halibut is a flatfish. They come from the word Haly (translated from Holy) while butte means flat fish. What’s the biggest flatfish ever discovered? The Pacific Halibut is probably the one. 

In 2014, a man caught a 482 pound Pacific halibut. That’s a big fish to consume. 

Halibut is demersal. They live near the bottom of the ocean floor. Located along the shelf in the Bering Sea of Alaska, Halibut is usually found on the west coast of North America. 

As a diamond-shaped behemoth, Halibut has big appetites. They eat shrimps, crab, cod, octopus, Pollock, and other sea creatures. They have been gaining immense popularity because of their large yields of meat. When being haunted, they are strong and aggressive. 

What’s the Best Season to Spearfishing Halibut Fish? 

Good news! There are different seasons for Halibut. The most common start from May 1st to June 15th. You can also catch Halibut from July 1st to July 15th. Other reasons are as follows: 

  • August 1st to August 15th
  • September 1st to October 31st. So, plan out your spearfishing activity as early as now. 

Rules and Regulations to Follow when Spearfishing Halibut Fish

Spearos are limited to one line with two hooks. They are given a possession limit of one fish with no minimum size required.  

The season for California halibut is all year round. But overspearfishing might affect the season. Therefore, follow specific rules and regulations to protect marine life and give other generations the chance to witness these gigantic fish. 

Necessary Type of Gear – Achieve a Safe and Successful Spearfishing Experience 

Halibut is aggressive, and the right type of gear can come into play. What materials should you use throughout the adventure? Keep reading for more information.

Speargun – Have you been using a Hawaiian sling or a pole spear? Then, it’s time to use a more innovative tool like a speargun. 

Since Halibut is a strong sea creature, you need a tool that can combat their power. A speargun is recommended. Look for shorter options to avoid hassles under the water. 

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Wetsuit – Did you know that the water in California gets colder, especially in the northern part? Yes, you heard it right. In protecting yourself from the temperature, a wetsuit is imperative. Good news! The internet provides a variety of options. Just choose the most trusted and reliable product to have a long-lasting investment. 

Gloves – Another vital tool for spearfishing halibut is a pair of durable gloves. With the aggressiveness of the fish, they bit hard. In protecting your hands from wounds and other potential injuries, gloves are a must. 

Knife – A sharp knife is another tool you should include in your spearfishing kit. You can use it for safety and protection as well. 

There are also other gears to utilize. The speargun, wetsuit, gloves, and knife are the basic materials for beginners out there. 

Where to Spearfish Halibut? Best Locations You Should Explore this 2020 

You already knew the rules. You have the materials. Now, what are the best locations to spearfish halibut? Well, there are incredible places you should visit this year. So, without further ado, here are some of them: 

Northern California – Top Location 

Sausalito – Many Spearfishing Opportunities

Northern California is the go-to place for spearfishing halibut. But the state is big, so where to start? Sausalito should be your first destination. Located across the water from San Francisco, Sausalito provides some great fishing opportunities for adventurous people. The maximum depth of water is around 80 feet, giving Halibut enough space to swim, live, and eat different bounties. 

San Francisco – A Variety of Pacific Halibut 

San Francisco is home to millions of sea creatures. The Pacific halibut is a sea life on the list. There’s a variety of Halibut you can witness, too. So, bring your spear gun and other special gear before exploring San Francisco. 

Eureka – Ideal Spot for Beginners 

Another location to find Halibut is Eureka. On the shore, for example, there are species of mid-sized Halibut you should take advantage of. It is also a perfect place for beginners and even advanced enthusiasts. Invite a close friend and witness the natural beauty of the town. 

Southern California – An Excellent Alternative 

In the southern part of California, popular places include San Diego, Big Sur, Newport Beach, and more. For beginners, San Diego is a great start. The warm ocean water and good weather make San Diego the most sought-after location. For advanced spearfishing enthusiasts, the Big Sur has got your back. 

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a halibut spearfishing adventure this 2020 and beyond. Careful planning and research can play a significant role in having a successful experience. 

Apart from the Halibut, there are other things to enjoy. From the picturesque views to the accommodating community, you’d go home with a BIG SMILE!