Spearfishing Marlin Fish

Learn about How to Spearfishing Marlin Fish

Introduction Spearfishing Marlin Fish

It’s relaxing to walk in the lush, green forest while listening to the birds. It’s fun to go sky diving and to climb the mountain while witnessing the picturesque views and cold breeze. This article explain about Spearfishing Marlin Fish that is important when you want to hunting fish at the ocean.

How to Spearfishing Marlin Fish

What else? Spearfishing is another adventurous and intense activity for travelers and other enthusiasts. 

Reasons Why Should You Engage in Spearfishing Activities

In ancient times, spearfishing was practiced by many. Centuries later, people still follow the method of fishing, and the number of enthusiasts is expected to grow this 2020 and beyond. Why do people engage in spearfishing activity? Why should you give it a shot? Here are some possible reasons: 

  • Excitement and Intensity 

Nothing can beat the excitement underwater. Spearfishing, for example, can boost your adrenalin. Aside from catching marine life, the crystal clear water is fun to watch. As you go deep, there are thousands of fish species to witness. You can encounter sea turtles, marlin, sea horses, eels, sharks, whales, dolphins, crabs, sea spiders, sea urchins, flatworms, and more. As the corals dance with the waves, you will be in awe. The rock formation and the sounds of the sea are super fascinating. 

  • Cook Fresh Fish 

Spearfishing can satisfy your cravings. You can catch big lobsters, scallops, Dorado, Yellowtail, Halibut, White Seabass, and several reef fish. You can eat a delicious meal while enjoying the views of the resort. 

  • A Great Exercise 

In different contexts, spearfishing is good exercise. Experts say swimming can burn more than 800 calories per hour. You can stay fit and achieve a sexy physique. 

Spearfishing is another unique way to meditate. The bunch of fish, the dancing corals, the lively rock formation, and other fascinating sea creatures can dispel all your negative thoughts. 

Spearfishing Marlin Fish and other Species 

Catching halibut is worth the effort, as it is aggressive and strong. Spearfishing marlin is also fun and challenging. Halibut is strong while marlin is fast, athletic, and huge, giving anglers a hard time. The Striped Marlin, for example, is the world’s second-fastest fist. It’s capable of swimming up to 50 miles per hour. The speed of the Blue and Black Marlins is also incredible. 

Once hooked, Marlin shows its acrobatic ability. It is quite similar to a bullfighter. It dances, skips, and leaps through the air, giving advanced anglers a difficulty. But catching a big species is worth your time. 

Types of Marlin Fish to Catch 

There are species of Marlin ideal for spearfishing activities. A popular option is the Blue Marlin. Unlike the other species, the Blue Marlin is likely to dive deeper. But they get exhausted more quickly than expected. Similar to Halibut, Blue Marlin is a powerful fighter. They can leap high in the air, too. 

Female Blue Marlin can weigh up to four times the weight of the male. They live in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Their back is cobalt blue that fades to white. The shape of the overall body is cylindrical. 

Black Marlin is bigger than the Blue Marlin. They reside in the Pacific and Indian oceans. They swim around reefs and in nearshore water. Due to powerful strength and size, they show endurance once hooked. The body and bill are shorter than the other species. They have a dark blue back and rigid pectoral fins. 

White Marlin is another alternative for a spearfishing adventure. They live in temperate and tropical Atlantic water, including the Western Mediterranean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. Found in shallow water, White Marlin is the smallest species among its family. Weighing around 220 lbs., the White Marlin is also known for its elegant leaping ability and speed. They have a rounded dorsal fin, a green coloring, and spots on the belly.

Striped Marlin is another species for a spearfishing adventure. Found in the Indian and Pacific oceans, Striped Marlin loves colder water. They migrate by season. In the winter, they move to the equator. They are famous for their fighting ability. Once hooked, they spend more time in the air. They are capable of tail walks and long runs. What makes them different from others is that they have a pointed dorsal fin, pale blue stripes, a thinner body shape, and pointed pectoral fins. 

Types of Spearfishing Marlin Fish

Over the years, spearfishing has evolved. From harpoon to spear gun, anglers use different equipment. The types of spearfishing have also introduced into the world. In this section, you will know the most popular kinds of spearfishing activities. Take a close look at the following: 

  • Shore Diving

Searching for the most common spearfishing method? Shore diving has got you covered. Unlike the other techniques, it is far different because the anglers need to go to a shoreline or beach. They have to maneuver around rocks, sand, and coral to find the target. Shore diving is also a perfect opportunity to hunt a variety of fish. Spearos usually catch kelp or rockfish. 

  • Boat Diving

As the name indicates, this spearfishing method requires boats, ships, canoes, or kayaks of all sizes. The anglers will use the boats to go to reefs, islands, or nautical structures to find their target. Similar to shore diving, best boat diving uses the same techniques and gear. 

  • Blue Water Hunting 

Blue water hunting is another spearfishing approach that has been gaining immense popularity. Why? It’s because the method is on a different and exciting level. When you go a few meters deep, you can access Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Trevally, and other fish varieties. 

Necessary tools include a large multi-band gun, breakaway rigs, and more. 

Spearfishing Gear to Use 

Aside from the fishing license, there are other materials you should bring before you dive into the water. These include bags, boots, fins, floats, foot pockets, knives, gloves, masks, snorkels, shafts, spearguns, sportswear, wetsuits, and weight-belts. 

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When selecting a wetsuit, the brand that comes with a camouflage print is ideal. A thick rash guard is also an ideal investment. 

For boots and gloves, choose the products that are comfortable to wear. 

So, what are you waiting for? Undergo spearfishing training to be an experienced angler. Get a spearfishing license to use spearguns without problems.