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Information about String Silencers for Bow: 5 Important Tips to Learn more

What You Must Know About String Silencers for bow

What makes you miss your target while bow hunting? If it’s the noise your bow produces, there is a way to help it by using a string silencer. This article explains about String Silencers for Bow that you can know and understand about it before going to hunting animals.

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The sound produced by the bow can make the target scared or perhaps aware which can be a spoil spot for the whole experience. But with problems come solutions, and here we are today with such efficient string silences which are capable of silencing your bow just how you would like it.

With there being modern solutions, there are also plenty of them and hence you can find a range of string silencers to choose the very best for your bow.

All you need to consider is the size of the silencer, as the bigger it would be the more noise it would dampen, and that the bow you are using has a proper brace height which would ensure that the noise is killed.

Archery is a thing which requires all your attention to be able to hit the target well, and now with the use of these string silencers, you would be able to take the target with surprise. In this article, we will help you understand how a string silencer works and what good it is capable of doing to you.

Made of synthetic or natural materials, these string silencers often referred to as string dampeners can be attached to the string directly either by the individual himself or by a bow professional and aids in evicting the noise and vibration which come from the bow when an arrow is released.

Based on the kind of silencer you buy and the material it is made of, it can give you different benefits some of which are mentioned below:

Benefit String Silencers for bow

Reduced vibration: After having attempted a shot, you must have felt a vibration in your hand which either shifts your focus making it hard to meet the target or simply be a reason for annoyance. At the same time, practicing archery professionally would require you to hit a good number of arrows and hence having an adequate string silencer would be a great thing. You can also learn to know what is the best string silencers for compound bow.

Durability: The residual energy of the bow might also crack or weaken your bow affecting its longevity which is surely not something you would want. With the silencer, since the residual would be absorbed, the durability would be better.

Sound reduction: With the main feature of the string dampener being to reduce sound it definitely does that providing you with a two-fold advantage. The first being having to shoot the arrow in peacemaking it is a better experience for yourself while the second being to catch hold of the wild, absolutely unnoticed and unaware. You would be able to meet the target in a better manner combined with a satisfactory feeling.

Having understood the immediate advantages of being equipped with a string silencer, you must now also make an attempt to understand the mechanics behind it. If you are aware of the basic bow mechanics you must know that when you draw the string, you make use of potential energy which gets converted into kinetic energy when the arrow is released. And since energy cannot be destroyed and only transferred, some energy which does not get converted into the arrow being shot is left in the string leading further to oscillation. The oscillation is the reason behind the sound waves being produced causing a twang sound to be created.

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Now when the silencer comes into the picture, it absorbs as well as dissipates the vibration caused by taking it to the limbs and the grip. This reduces the sound as well as the vibration caused via the bow only. However, one must know that some of it also gets absorbed while the arrow is being released and might reduce the velocity of the arrow which would otherwise have been better without the dampener.

Where and how to place the String silencers for bow?

Now let us also learn how to actually make use of this tool in real life on our bows. Where you want to place the silencer has got to do with what is your priority, power or noise reduction. If you place the silencer in the middle of the string then it would lead to the best noise reduction, however, you would have to greatly compromise on the power. You can in such a case, learn on how to install bow string silencers place it some few inches both above and below the nocking point to balance it out. Going by the general rules, you must place a silencer 6-8 inches from the edge of the bow on both sides. However, you can keep experimenting to figure out what goes best with you.

Now when it comes to deciding how to put on that silencer, there is not a perfect way to do it. The best way to decide would be to follow the instructions as per the instruction manual since all kinds of silencers go for different treatments. Some might be installed after removing the bowstring while the others can be attached with the bowstring on also.

After giving a good read to this article, you must be sorted with knowing why you exactly need a string silencer and in what ways it will be able to aid you. The overall experience of archery would definitely get a plus if you make use of the silencer by making you hit more targets at the same time maintaining your calm.

Homemade Bow String Silencers

Here is the list of homemade bow string that you can use


All you now have to consider is which string silencers for bow would be the best for you considering your needs and the compound bow that you are using. Followed by getting yourself the string silencer, you can then go on to try using it in various ways to determine what goes the best with you and get at your targets strategically with peace. Once you start making use of a silencer you would be able to give another dimension to your game. Follow archery now the way you like it getting yourself the best equipment further improving your game.

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