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The taxidermist is one of the important elements in skinning deer after hunting it. Learning about taxidermists can help in understanding the process and prevent the animals from any harm. It should be noted here that Taxidermist is one of the important techniques that must be learned by the hunter. if you don’t know how to do a Taxidermist can search Taxidermist near you to find the expert for it.

Whatever be the extent of progress and modernization with the latest technology and trends, the ancient remains are still essential to understand the absolute beauty of nature. When we talk about ancient times, the first thing that comes to mind is archaeology. The study of fossils is so fascinating and informative.

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The point here is, can we study them without these remains? Over the ages, we’d become ancient for the next generations. As we’ve studied from our ancestors, it is natural that our successors would love to study us too.

Well, this is of great use in understanding many facts about life and its evolution over the ages. To keep this knowledge intact, a method that is widely followed is taxidermy. Performed by a taxidermist, it is a process of preserving an animal body either by stuffing or mounting it to an armature frame.

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What You Should Know About Taxidermist:

A taxidermist can either be a professional practitioner, caterer to museums, sportsman i.e. a fisherman or a hunter, and an amateur or a hobbyist. He must be well acknowledged and acquainted with the following skills – Tanning, Painting, Sculpture, and Anatomy.

Taxidermy saw its golden era in the Victorian age wherein animals were used as a part of interior decorations. John Hancock, an ornithologist from the English is considered to be the father of taxidermy in modern times.

A taxidermist follows different processes and techniques to carry out the process of taxidermy. Some of the widely used ones are as follows:

  1. Freeze – dry:

This is widely known and a popular trend in which an animal is mummified. In the process, the internal organs are removed leaving the tissues behind, the animal is mounted in the desired pose and then placed in the chamber of a free drying machine specially designed for this purpose. The machine freezes the animal’s body by creating a vacuum in the chamber.

  • Skin – Mount:

This is the traditional method of taxidermy wherein the quality of the process is enhanced and the toxicity decreased. The taxidermist removes the skin of the animals by using proper chemicals or by tanning it. the skin is mounted on a mannequin in the desired pose and its eyes are fixed using clay. Then the taxidermists carve the designed forms.

The traditional skin method leaves the skull and leg bones of the animal. After following any of these methods, a polymer is made using polyester and glass and the final form is made by stuffing the skin with this mould.

Some of the other methods used by the taxidermists are:

  • Recreation Mount
  • Study Skins
  • Reproduction Mount

Whatever maybe the method used, the ultimate goal is to preserve the animals for many purposes including studying them, displaying them in the museums, etc. Taxidermists use this process for a variety of animals like deer, fish, etc.

Responsibilities of a Taxidermist:

  • Understand the needs and specifications desired to make the model
  • Marking and making a note of the exact measurements of the specimen to be created
  • Des-skinning the animals without causing any damage either by using chemicals or tanning based on the requirements
  • Disinfection, drying, and freezing of the removed skin follows
  • Constructing the foundations of the body by using suitable methods and equipment
  • Placing or mounting the skin on the previously prepared foundation
  • Preparing artificial parts like eyes, tongue, scales, etc. and position them accordingly
  • Paint or airbrush the structure to make it look realistic
  • Perfectly place the taxidermy specimens on the desired and appropriate moulds

Though this job seems to be easy to read and listen to, it requires a lot of concentration, skill, and dedication. This is why taxidermists are known to be the guardians of these kinds of studies.

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