Modern Arrowheads

The Modern Arrowheads and Its Characteristics

Introduction to Modern Arrowheads

The various shapes and the sizes of the arrow are made intentionally for different situations. This article will explain about Modern Arrowheads that you can learn the types of Modern Arrowheads that important in hunting.

Hunting using the Modern Arrowheads is important compared to traditional arrowheads because the Modern Arrowheads is more durable and stabilities.

Hunting the animals such as elk, moose, duck, bear, goose, coyote and alligator required a good modern arrowheads that can aim the target and kills the target easily.

You can use the modern arrowheads for crossbow, compound bow and recurve bow when you want to hunting animals in the jungle

So now, if you are up for great hunting, modern arrowheads would be the most on fit. Nevertheless, a small arrowhead can never be estimated as it can still kill an organism. And all of these tools can’t be as effective without a skillful hand.

Now, before having one, it is vital to ponder how fast it can penetrate, how it can damage an animal’s organ, how much blood it can produce, and how accurate shot you want to have. In each of the modern arrowheads, we will talk about it one-by-one. So, hold on and read more.

Types of Modern Arrowheads

The major divisions of modern arrowheads are the expandable, fixed, and removable blade. As for the fixed type, we have the arrowhead during the Merovingian era. It is mainly composed of iron, which measures 7 to 11cm long. It also has a long shaft, which measures 10 grams for medium size and more than 20 grams for large ones.

Since it has a long and heavy shaft and arrowhead, it is very hard to gain a good shot. However, even though the penetration is not as efficient, they have still selected those who have high pierce capacity as it can still use for defense. Whereas, the less pierce capacity arrowhead is used instead for hunting purposes.

Fixed Arrowhead

With the advent of technology, there is now the presence of a fixed hollow bullet-type arrowhead. It can be a screw-in tip or a glue-on tip type, which either can be attached to a shaft to form an arrow.

The screw-in tip type features a bullet form and pointed tip arrowhead. The bullet form aids in durability. Whereas, the pointed type allows a greater penetration capacity. Likewise, this also helps to have better precision as to how you can aim for your target. Even the least structured can still cause bleeding to an animal. 

Arrow Tip with Removable Blades

When you go on hunting and your razor blade becomes dull, you won’t obtain problems anymore rather solutions with the occurrence of a removable blade. You can change the blade easily in just a few minutes.

This kind or arrowhead usually contains four-segment and collet pointed section. The removable blades radially surround the collet segments. To harnessed the segments and blades, a collar has been incorporated.

Having a quality frontal section keeps this type of arrowhead to have a great assemble and penetration capacity. The exterior blade of the frontal section adds pierce and cutability. That is why it can hit its prey with certainty.

Expandable-blade Arrow Tip

This type is commonly seen in broadheads. One example of this is the Barnett Outdoors X, which measures a weight ranging from 100 to 125-grain units. If you are going to buy this in the market, you can use it for more than 20 arrows. When you release this kind of arrow, it will expand until a target has been captured. It only means that it flies with proximity and accuracy. Since it is made up of more than three sharpened razor blades, it causes wide wounds. For that reason, it will produce a great amount of blood which will be useful in tracing a wounded prey.


It should be noted here that Modern Arrowheads it is more accurate and can kill the target instantly.