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3 Things You Should Do In Moose Hunting Maine

Understand about Moose Hunting Maine

Moose hunting is a very popular big-game hunt in Maine. This article explains Moose Hunting Maine that important for the hunters to understand and get ideas about moose hunting in the jungle at Maine.

This region produces good quality Moose for hunt. Due to commercial forestry, there are vast regions where Moose herds are found.You will find abundant Moose in the Northern Maine region. They like to live in open wetlands. If you are planning a Moose hunting trip in Maine, we can help you.

Moose Hunting in Maine:

There are various sub-categories of Moose. They differ in size as per regions. The Moose in the northern areas are enormous compared to others. In Alaska and Russia, there are larger Moose compared to Maine.

Maine region is blessed with an abundant Moose population. There are around 75,000 Moose in this region. The average weight of a mature bull weighs up to 1,000 pounds. 6’ antlers accompany them.

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In the Maine region, the average size of a Moose range between 38 to 50 inches. It is not bad compared to other areas. The hunts are cheap compared to Alaska. 

It will cost you around $4,500 for drawing a tag. You can even go for Governor’s Tags. It will cost you approximately $12,000 to $15,000 in an auction. 

If you are looking for Eastern Canada Moose, you need to get a hunting lodge. You will find a trophy quality Moose there.

Moose Hunting Lottery:

You need to apply for Maine Big Game Hunting License if you want to hunt Moose in the Maine region. A person is eligible to apply for only one license. You cannot obtain two licenses for yourself. If you do so, you will be disqualified.

License Information:

There are two options to apply for a license to hunt Moose in Maine. You can either apply online or go with a paper application.

Online Application: 

You need to apply for a license from the online website. Fill up the form, check the rules, and apply. The application should be submitted before the due date.

Paper Application:

You have to get the form from the office and fill it. It should be hand-delivered before the due date. The office address is given on the Moose permit application website.

You need to pay an extra amount to get more chances, as it is a lottery system. The price varies for residents and non-residents.


  • 1 Chance – $15


  • One Chance – $15
  • Three Chances – $25
  • Six Chances – $35
  • Ten Chances – $55

You can buy multiple chances in a set of 10 by paying $55 for each set of 10.

Example: 3 Multiples of 10 Chances = 3 X 10 = 30 Chances

Price = 3 X 55 = $165

Permit Fees:

Once you are selected, you have to pay the permit fees. 

  • Permit Fees of Residents = $52
  • Permit Fees for Non-Residents = $585

Moose Hunting Season:

Here are the details about Moose Hunting Season in Maine.

  • First Season: 28th September to 3rd October
  • Second Season: 12th October to 17th October
  • Third season: 26th October to 31st October

This is all you need to know about Moose Hunting Maine. Make sure you apply for the license before the date is over.

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