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3 Important Tips and Technique to Bow fishing at Jon Boats

Introduction Bowfishing Jon Boats, Keeping You On Target

What You Need to Know about Bowfishing at Jon Boats

The use of bow and arrows first occurred during the upper palaeolithic period. This was between the years of 40,000 – 10,000 BC. Archaeologists believe that a bow and arrow was first used as a tool to hunt.This article explains about bow fishing at Jon boats that important for hunters to know and learn about it.

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This article will provide understanding about bow fishing Jon boats that is important when you want to start bow fishing journey.

Over the centuries they would feature in many battles between human beings. That was until guns arrived on the scene to steal their thunder.

Whilst we thankfully no longer use a bow and arrow in a battle against one another. There are still some humans making use of the ancient technique with a modern tool. Bowfishing is a sport that is not for the faint-hearted. It requires patience, a steady hand and bullseye accuracy. If you enjoy hunting and are looking for something to do in the offseason, then bowfishing is probably to your liking.

If you are looking to get started with bowfishing then you need the following gear. A bowfishing reel, bowfishing arrows and points, and a bowfishing cajun fish stick. Once you have your kit the next thing will be to buy a bowfishing jon boat, to ensure you maximise your time on the water.

Go bowfishing in late spring or early summer-bow fishing at jon boats

The ideal season to head out bowfishing is in late spring or early summer. Some of the fish species that you should have your eye on are exotic carp, silver carp, perch and bluegills. Even though you can shoot your arrow from the riverbank, the most effective approach is to use a jon boat. A bowfishing jon boat enables you to reach shallow waters and lineup the perfect shot on a big catch. This sport may have the words fishing in it, but you need to be proactive and hunt your catch.

A bowfishing jon boat is identifiable due to it’s one of a kind hull design. The Hull is flat in design which enables it to navigate over waves rather than cut through them. These boats usually do not exceed 24 feet in length. This is perfect for reaching those places that other boats are unable to.

Bow fishing Jon boats enable bow fishers to cover more ground-bow fishing at jon boats

Due to the unique build of a Jon boat and its size, it allows bowfishers to explore more area in the hunt for your fish. That’s something that the poor chaps on the bank of the river are unable to do. As my father always said if you are going to do something, then do it right.

Now that you have your bowfishing kit, and your bowfishing jon boat the next step is to get out on the water. Once you are set up and have begun the hunt for your first fish victim it’s time to load up the arrow and test your aim. Then pull back on the bow and release as the arrow spirals towards your lunch. If at first you don’t succeed drive your bowfishing Jon boat over to another area and keep trying.


As the conclusion you must understand that bow fishing Jon boat is like a normal bow fishing and bow fishers must be prepared themselves when want to start bow fishing. There are many types of Jon boats that available that you can choose. Choose the suitable Jon boats that suitable for your bow fishing journey.