Bow fishing at North Carolina

Tips and Technique to Bow fishing at North Carolina

Introduction Bow fishing at North Carolina

Many people confuse Bowfishing with the traditional fishing. It is somewhat like traditional fishing but not quite the same. In Bowfishing, you carry equipment into the lake and look for any lurking fish and then dart with the barb-tipped arrow. This article will explain about Bow fishing at North Carolina that you can use as the guideline and guidance when want to Bow fishing at North Carolina.

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The fish is then reeled by the line you have attached to the arrow and pulled out for keeps.

If you have not tried bowfishing then you need to plan and visit a water body near you within North Carolina to get this amazing and fun activity. It could be a river or lake and they are many in North Carolina. Other shallow yards also provide an opportunity for bowfishing but you should only go to the authorized parks because of your safety.

Equipment when want to bow fishing at North Carolina

To go for bowfishing , you will only need 3 equipment; a bow, a fishing arrow and a reel that has a heavy line.

A bow holds the arrow and the reel together. To start, as a learner you may not need to purchase a new bow as you may find some refurbished ones in fishing shops around North Carolina. You could also get one from a garage sale in your neighborhood. In due course, you can invest in a more complex bow when you are fully into the hobby.

Fishing arrows for bowfishing are a bit heavier than normal arrows because they need to move fast enough in water to hit the fish in time before they move away. The density of water may slow down its speed hence the slight heaviness.

Bowfishing reels come in different designs. The design is determined by the method of retrieval of the fish once you catch it but what is important is that it should be heavy enough to apply enough pressure so that the fish doesn’t escape back to the water.

When you purchase the equipment and a lake near you where you can start, it is best if you can do this with a group of friends a family. Traditionally it has been a sport played men but with the popularity of female bow-hunters sharing their experiences in the media, many have now taken up.

North Carolina offers many locations that are family and group friends that you can visit over a weekend with your equipment ready to have some fun.

If you are an experienced bow-hunter, there is a chance that some of the people you will be with will be novices in the sport.

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Even with great aim ability, beginners struggle to hit the mark. It is important to keep trying and engaging our minds more than our eyes. Typically, the water reflection does not show the actual location of the fish and you have to know how to aim. When you look directly at an object in the water, it may appear bent because of refraction and you need to understand this process well to enjoy the sport. For once, you should not trust your eyes to take a shot, instead trust your brain and you will hit the target again and again.

Get the groove on

You can connect with local bow-hunters in North Carolina to have more details and hear of their experiences.


Bow fishing at North Carolina can offer you the best experience for your bow fishing experience and journey. Be prepare to amaze yourself with the bow experience that can helps you enjoy the best moments with your family. Visit North Carolina now.