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Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Wooden Bow:6 Tips and Important for hunters

Information How to make a Wooden Bow

Archery is a great and satisfying sport to engage in. Archery skills are the primary requirements for one to become a successful hunter using a bow and an arrow. This article explains about making a Wooden Bow that you can use as the guideline when you want to create and make a Wooden Bow before hunting in the jungle.

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How to make a Wooden Bow

  • Find a Suitable Bow
  • Selection of Wood
  • Smoothen the Wood
  • Mark the Shoulder
  • Put the riser into shape
  • Fit the brass for a wooden bow
  • Put the strings and rest

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When you want to hunt in the jungle there are many animals that you can hunt such as elk, moose, bear, lion, alligator, coyote, doves, duck, pigeon, and many more. It is very important to learn and understand the principle of making wooden bow before going to hunt.

One of the main tools that a hunter needs is a bow. A bow works as a spring for the arrow to be propelled towards the target(animal being hunted) when it is released. It consists of a handle, 2 flexible parts on the handle, a string and an arrow rest. The arrow is propelled forward by the energy from the limbs when the bow is pulled back.

The weight of the bow determines the force at which the arrow will be propelled at. Beginners are advised to use lighter bows because they do not require much force for them to propel the arrows.

To make a bow, you need to follow the following steps;

Selection of wood

You should use wood that doesn’t have any defects because it is much easier to work with. Once you have gotten one, dress it straight on the wood square. If possible have the grain-oriented on the side facing the archer.

Smoothen the wood

The bow’s surfaces need to be smooth for ease of handling by the archer. To do this, use a band-saw to create its shape and create a pattern on the wood. Take note that the shoulders where the limbs sit, should not be sawed.

To let the wood settle, put the riser aside for a week. It will release all tensions in the wood to prevent twists occurring on the bow.

Mark the shoulder

Mark out the shoulder bypassing the plane on the edge that is above the shoulder square using a marking gauge.

Once you have marked the shoulder, band-saw it to make sure that it has as much level as possible and also square to the face. You should work slowly using a saw and a chisel until you achieve the most appropriate level.

Put the riser into shape

This stage requires a lot of patience. You will use chisels and sanders. For the best results, you can try and refine the shape before starting the sanding process. For best results take as much time as possible.

Fit the brass for wooden bow

Poke holes into the section where the brass will be located. The limbs should be in a parallel position to the riser. The brass plates can be marked out to shape using a scriber. It is delicate work because the plates must be parallel to each other for the string to find the right balance. Great care must be taken.

Put the strings and rest

Once you get to this stage, you can now visit your local archery store to get a string and arrow rest. The store will be in a position to recommend the best strings to use. Possibly, they will help you with the fixing of the string because they have the right tools.

Conclusion making wooden bow

In conclusion, have the patience for the best results. Take your time to carefully select your items and where possible seek help from your local archery club for guidance. You might make a few mistakes in making your first bow but it will be a learning process.

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