8 Powerful Tips Bowhunting For Zebra

Introduction Bowhunting For Zebra

Are you passionate about hunting? Well, hunting is an exciting experience. This article will explains about bowhunting for zebra. It should be noted here that zebra is one of the protected animals and this article just want to provide guideline if you happened to hunting for zebra.

Tips Bowhunting for Zebra

  • Know zebra pattern
  • Know your environment
  • Prepare the best gear and equipment for zebra hunting
  • Practice your bowhunting skills
  • Control your scent
  • Use the bow and arrow suitable for hunting
  • Shot placement
  • Accuracy is the key

Zebra also been know for the aggressive animals in the jungle and safari. hunting zebra using the bow also required a special skills that you must understand before go for the bowhunting

This video taken from Youtube.com that can be used to know about bowhunting for zebra

You can hunt for various reasons, perhaps for money, food, competition or just to pass time. Whatever the reason is, you need to be smart and careful. People hunt using various weapons. Although most people prefer rifles, not everyone affords them. Bow hunting is the most popular among many. So, if you love bow hunting, this article is for you.

You can use a bow and arrow to hunt various wild animals. In this article, we’ll talk about bow hunting for zebra. Zebra is among the top five list of every hunter. People hunt zebra due to its meat and distinctive skin. Zebra’s meat is sweet. It is clean from drug residues and not contaminated. On the other side, its skin is valuable. If you get hold of it, then you’ve got good cash on your side. So, when bow hunting a zebra, you need to be perfect on this. Zebra is a fast and strong animal. You need to do it right in order to succeed. Here are 5 tips on how to bowhunting for zebra.

Practice on your archery skills when Bowhunting For Zebra

To do something perfectly, you need to work out on your skills. You don’t sit down all the summer waiting to have a catch on your first shot when the zebra season arrives. Now, archery is all about skills. Some of the things you can practice on is shot placement, proper gripping, average shot distance and accuracy. These are the things you need to put in check. You can even get an idol zebra to use as your lab rat. Once you feel in you are in a good form, then you can go out there in the woods.

License and permits when Bowhunting For Zebra

Before setting your foot in the woods, first, you need to check in to the relevant authorities. hunting license and permits are very essential while going for a bow hut. They prove that you are permitted to hunt in the area. Although these rules vary depending on the state or the country you are in, they are obviously a relevant body available to seek approval.
If you are going to hunt in your own land, perhaps you may not have any problem with that. If you are bow hunting on a rented or private land, you need to seek a written approval or permission from the landowner. Finally, if you will be hunting on public land, then it’s good you first get a license from the relevant government bodies. Otherwise, if you fail and get caught by relevant authorities, you will be risking to be charged with endangering both animals and human lives.

Get the right bow and arrow when Bowhunting For Zebra

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This time around you is not hunting a quail or another weak animal. You are going to a zebra. Zebra is strong and fast. So, you will need well-designed equipment that has an ultimate killing power. The bow should have a minimum weight of 70lbs. The kinetic energy needed when bow hunting a zebra is 60 ft. /lb. The minimum velocity of an arrow should be 245 fps and it should have a minimum weight of 450 grains. Test the equipment and see whether you are comfortable to use it.

Don’t be afraid to as a question. If you are not sure about the shooting power on a bow, ask from a knowledgeable archer for more assistance. The last thing you would want is having useless equipment out there in the woods. Now, once you have the right bow and arrow, it’s time to hunt.

Make your shot count

Now, when you are out there in the woods, you need to be smart. You don’t just approach the zebras and start shooting. That is why it’s called hunting nor attacking. If you attack the animals, chances are they will run away and it would be hard to trace them again. So, use the following tips.

•Be patient Learn their moves and know where you can find them in large numbers. Zebras usually come out from their hideouts for water in the mid-morning and the evenings. So, you have to be attentive to know when it’s the best time to take your shot. Zebras have many enemies in the jungle. Maybe lions, cheetahs, and other carnivores. So, you will realize that they are sensitive and careful. If they notice your presence, they will run. Let them settle down and let them believe they are safe.

Control your scent

Zebras can smell you from a distance. This is common among almost all wild animals. So, you have to control your scent so that they can’t smell your odor. The general rule of thumb is that never stands in an area where the wind is blowing towards the animal. It will obviously smell your odor and run away. Secondly, use scent-free soaps, sprays, and showering. Using them will control your human odor.

Shot placement

You don’t just shoot without a plan. You are not there to wound the zebra. You want to kill it. So, you have to be careful about where you place your shot. Target the vital organs. These are the weak points of the zebra that will guarantee immediate death. You can target the head, the neck, chest near the heart and the stomach. If you hit these parts, chances of zebra to survive will be low.

Let the zebra settle before you handle it. It feels great to have a successful shot. Once you see the animal is down, you may be tempted to run to pick it. This is dangerous. Zebras are strong and it may take a little while to die. When most animals are dying, they tend to be aggressive and can kill anything around them. If you go to pick it at that exact time, it might kick you hard. Perhaps injure you or kill you. So, give it time to settle and expire, then you can take it home.

Bow hunting for zebra is a thrilling experience. You have to be strategic, smart and know the animal’s week points. So, if you haven’t hunted before or you just want new and better skills, don’t forget to use the above tips. Make your shot count and believe in yourself.