Tips For BowHunting Hippo-What You Should Know

Introduction BowHunting Hippo

This article will explains about bowhunting for hippo and it should be noted here that this article is just for education purpose only. Hunting hippo is just like other animals and must be treat with extra cautions. Bowhunting hippo is very dangerous game and the hunter must be prepare for any consequences that will happened.

Ever heard of the wise saying – othing clears a troubled mind better than shouting a bow’ and have you ever considered archery as a stress buster kind of sport? If not until now, maybe it’s time you did. The history of archery is very much the history of mankind itself and it is entrenched into the survival and existence of our great forefathers.

The growth of archery hunting and bowhunting hippo is on a continuous rise and it is reported that over thousands of sport hunters take to the forests and fields to indulge in this audacious sport.

The hippo is an aggressive animal and can even lead to death if disturbed. This mammal is usually found in rivers and pans of Southern Africa and he has a skin that is extremely sensitive to the sun and hence he keeps him surrounded by water all day and he can be found away from water only when he is grazing. Many hunters spot a hippo only around sunrise on his way back to the water after grazing and many times that has resulted in fatal incidents.

Whether you are looking to pick up a daredevil sport on an adventure holiday or if you are an archery enthusiast looking to further your boundaries, then here are the 5 tips on how to bowhunting for hippo
Bowhunting in a nutshell

Bowhunting a hippo is essentially the practice of hunting a hippopotamus using archery. Cultures around the world at different time periods have employed the technique as their primary hunting method for food and basic existence. With bowhunting, a hunter’s trophy can include anything from pelts, heads of hippo, antlers or it can be any body part of the hippo. It’s these very oddments that we often see mounted in countryside houses across the globe as a symbol of victory and pride.

After that interesting piece of history, let’s get down to business and learn the 5 tips how to bowhunting for hippo, shall we?

5 Tips how to Bowhunting for Hippo

Before we get into the know-how of this sport, do not forget to check the governing rules of your country or state or province with regards to hunting and always carry with you a pocket-sized guide comprising all the legal information for hunting in whichever area it is that you choose to bowhunt a hippo.

Tip # 1 – Choosing the right equipment

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If you’re a beginner then you should start with a compound bow which is much easier to handle compared to a recurve bow or a traditional longbow because a compound bow offers more accuracy, better velocity and a good distance to help you train and acquire the skill much faster.

Also while a buying a bow, look for used bows and make sure that the bow is legal to use for hunting in your country/state/area. It is crucial to buy a bow based on your hand-eye orientation. As bows come in both left-handed as well as in right-handed versions and you will have to figure out your dominant eye for aiming and based on that you can buy the bow.
The tip here is if you have a left dominant eye then a right handed bow should be your pick and vice-versa.

Now let’s talk arrows! Choosing a particular type of arrow for your bow can depend largely on your skill level, your prey, and your orientation. However, the recommended arrow types are the carbon arrows and the aluminum arrows.

A carbon arrow is light, durable and fast whilst the aluminum kind is best if you are going to use a broadhead (a flat pointed steel arrowhead with sharp edges). You can also find help at the archery store to help you find the best arrow.

Tip # 2 – Master the Technique

There are certain terms and techniques that you must get acquainted with before you start training for the sport such as draw weight and draw length. For example, the draw weight should be certain pounds if you are hippo-hunting and anything below 90lbs will only bruise the hippo and anything above 90 pounds can kill the hippo.

When you buy a bow, you might want the bow seller to set up the bow for you based on your arm length which can cost you a couple of bucks in addition to the cost of bow. To take down prey as humanely as possible you must be well adjusted to the concept of calculating the draw weight and length before aiming the game.

Tip # 3 – Practice is the key

Like with any other sport, practice is the key in bowhunting as well. Try to set up a dart & arrow in your backyard or in some open area and practice vigorously to hit your target. There are many sports stores around the world and online that sell dart boards shaped like a prey/game which can train you better at the sport.

Give it a couple of months of practice before set foot in an actual field. Maintaining one’s form is key when it comes to bowhunting. Don’t ever forget to keep consistency in form and when you hit your prey; shoot with the same form every time.

Tip # 4 – Prepare for the hunt in advance

The probability of your success in bowhunting can be hugely influenced by the area that you decide to hunt at. Choose an area that has a high population of your selected prey which in this case is a hippo. When you have fixed an area, start spying the area for droppings, animal trails, and scrapes to understand the number of preys in the area and make note of other valuable pointers.

Set a tree stand 15 to 20 yards from the target and set it up in the afternoon, which is usually not a time for a hippo to be around, as you don’t want to alert the prey. Keep steer of any distractions in your shooting lane. You might want to start preparing at least 6 weeks before the hunting season begins to stay ahead in the game.

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Tip # 5 – On the day of the hunt

If you didn’t already know, Hippos are least active in the afternoons so don’t waste waiting for prey between 11 AM and 3 PM. make sure to get in position in your tree-stand before the sun rises and you can hunt until the sun sets! Hippos can hear noise or sound that you make so maintain silence on the hunt.

We are talking about seconds here, that’s all the time you’ve to make a shot. You get only one chance to hit the hippo before it attacks you hearing the sound of the shot. Always aim for the Hippo’s lungs to kill it instantly and if you’re unsure of the game’s kill, give it 20 to 30minutes before you can check the prey and the prey should be lying wounded within 100 yards of where you made the shot.

If you go finding any sooner, the game might still have the energy to pick itself up and attack you. After the hunt, make sure to clean & dress the prey carefully before taking it home and do it all in the field as soon as possible to avoid bacterial growth.

Now you know the 5 tips how to bowhunting for hippo, get the right equipment and start practicing to bring on your ’ game for the next hunting season! Let the shooting begin!