Tips For Bowhunting Shark

Introduction Bowhunting Shark

Bow hunting is being practiced from more than 1000 years in various parts of the world by indigenous people. This article will explains about how to bowhunting shark and what you should know about hunting shark. Shark is one of the aggressive animal in the ocean. It should be noted here that when hunting for shark you must know and learn the right technique that required to hunting shark.

They used to do to feed their family. Today also, bowhunting is done in several parts of the world. However, it is not allowed in some countries. It requires a vigorous attempt to hunt game animals. Some regard that hunting is illegal and cruel but there is nothing like that. It’s an adventurous and safe way of managing the population. However, hunting is illegal at the places where the population of the targeted game is very low.

When hunting a fish, bowhunting is replaced by the term bow fishing. There is more fun in bowfishing and it may seem easier but it’s not. hunting a fearless fish like a shark is a challenging and risky task. It all begins with your courage and the desire to hunt the giant fish. But, do you know any tips to make bowfishing sharks easier? For a well-practiced hunter, this would be obviously little easier and a novice will face a lot of struggle.

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Things you should know about when Bowhunting Shark

  • They belong to the family of Chondrichthyes and characterized by a skeleton made of cartilage.
  • Around 465 species of sharks are present in the oceans today.
  • Sharks have strong jaws and sharp teeth.
  • They have a strong sense of smell and powerful vision too. They can figure out objects in a dark night.
  • They don’t have bones so they are dependent on dermal denticles that cover their skin and aids in maintaining the right shape.
  • They are a highly aggressive creature and known to hunt their prey easily.

Don’t get feared after reading these facts. Your efforts, hard work and skill matter more than them.

Why you should when Bowhunting Shark?

There are plenty of reasons to go to bowhunting big games. Fishing is slow but bow fishing is fast-paced. It will give you a thrilling experience and teach you a lot of lessons. hunting is something that requires skill and practice. In the summer season, this could be a great way to spend some quality time. Bowfishing will give you a lifetime experience so you should never lose this opportunity.

What’s the perfect season for Bowhunting Shark?

For bowhunting shark, spring and summer are the best seasons if you want to hunt them on a sunny day. If you are going at night then any season is perfect. Big fishes like bull sharks stay active during spring and summer season so you should try that time.

This video taken from explain regarding bowhunting shark

If you are new to bowfishing then explore the tips below but it will not help if you haven’t practiced. Before following the tips, check whether it is legal to a bowhunt shark at the targeted place or not. You also have to ensure that license is needed or not because at some places it is necessary.

1) Choosing the right equipment

Having a right bow and arrow is the most important thing to keep in the mind. Nobody can hunt a shark without the right equipment. You will need special bows to hunt sharks. As the bows come in different shapes and sizes, you can get confused. You can use a traditional or compound bow because that’s what experience hunters use nowadays. The draw weight of the bow must be between 40 and 50 lbs. Moreover, don’t choose the arrows that have fletching. It’s good to use slotted retriever reels because it will help in killing the shark. Don’t forget about the bow tip. The bow tip must be sharp enough to kill the shark. When fishing on a sunny day, it is recommended to get polarized sunglasses so that you can see what’s below the surface. Sharks are extremely dangerous and if you are targeting a bull shark then do it by being on a boat. This is the safest way to hunt them.

2) Aiming at the right point of the shark body

It’s the most difficult for a shark hunter to master the skill of aiming at the right part of its body. The refraction in the water makes it difficult to shoot at the right point and you miss your aim. It will require a lot of patience and focus. If you miss your first shot, try again as soon as possible before the shark attack on you. It’s better to maintain some distance from your game.

3) Be Patience

As mentioned above, patience is what you will need eventually. Sometimes you have to wait for more than half hours in order to find a shark. It can come suddenly in front of you. Make sure to pre-set all the equipment. Never forget patience is the key. It is generally seen that novice bowfishers lose patience quickly and get tired.

4) Scouting for the shark

Scout as much as you can. Don’t be in your comfort zone. Check maps online and you will get the details about the water and the number of sharks present in it. It helps in deciding the right bowfishing area and decrease the risk of any threat to your life. Apart from that, getting to know your targeted shark would be a bonus. Arrange some facts, know about the species of shark living in the water. Find its weak points and parts of body for aiming and shooting so that it will be dead.

5) Preparing yourself

Planning and preparing yourself is one of the essential tips that you should not avoid. Don’t lose confidence and believe in yourself. If you are not ready for it then don’t go. But if you have made up of your mind to bowhunt a shark then nobody can stop you. Take help from an experienced bowhunter and keep learning. Be physically and mentally prepared.


Imagine sitting at home and doing nothing at all. It will only make you feel bored. Get a real life experience by learning bow hunting and get better at it, then, you should go for bowfishing. It all depends on your choice what you want to try.