Tips For Bowhunting Wolves In The Jungle

Introduction Bowhunting Wolves

Wolves are among the top list of every hunter. Perhaps due to its skin that makes it a target for the most hunter. This article will explains about bowhunting experience when hunting for wolves.

Wolves is very dangerous animal and when hunting for wolves you must be extra careful and aware of your surrounding environment. This is very critical when hunting for wolves. It is hope that this article can be use as the guideline when you want to hunt for wolves at the jungle.

Now, wolf hunting is not an easy task. It’s not like hunting a deer, which you can see it anytime and anywhere.

The case of wolves is different. Wolves are hard to come by. So, you need to have a lot of stamina and patience when doing your bow hunting. The other difficult aspect is that wolves do their hunting at night. Thus, seeing them during the day becomes difficult. Furthermore, we both know hunting wolves at night is very dangerous. They walk in the pack. You may find them hunting you instead.

Bow hunting for wolves calls for strategic and careful minds. If you have never hunted wolves before, then you better be sure about your skills. There are two ways you can use to hunt wolves. First, always carrying a wolf tag in your pocket. You never know when you can pop into a pack of wolves. The second way is waiting for them to come out. You can use baiting or howling techniques.

This is mostly done using a predator call. Both ways will work out well. After they come out, then you take your shot. So, here are 5 tips on how to bowhunting for wolves.

Pick the right bow and arrow when Bowhunting Wolves

Picking the right bow and arrow is the first rule in any hunt. Bow hunting for wolves requires good hunting equipment. Go for a bow and arrow that are strong enough, well designed and a have an absolute killing power. Wolves are strong animals. Sometimes, they can resist dying if you use a weak arrow. Ensure you are comfortable to use the bow.

Remember that when hunting a wolf, you will only have a few seconds to take the shot before it notices you. So, ensure you are swift when using it. It also good you test bow before taking it to the real action. Once you are set, it’s time to hunt.

Patience is key when Bowhunting Wolves

You don’t expect to a get wolf after ten minutes of calling. Wolves are very cautious and don’t come out of their hideouts easily. Again, they could be coming from miles away. So, you have to be extremely patient. It can take 30 minutes of calling, or one hour or more to get what you want. Now, it’s important you stay in a strategic position where you can see a wolf coming from any direction. Once you see the wolf is within a good shot distance, you can take out your arrow and shoot.

Pick a good hunting stand when Bowhunting Wolves

Picking the right hunting stand to call is essential. Wolves are known to have very keen eyesight and a good sense of smell. You have to be careful when choosing your standing point. Choose a spot that a wolf can’t see you when it’s coming in, and yet you have a good visual. Also, pick a position that will give you a clear view on upwind but you can still see the downwind clearly. In other words, the position should be on a high terrain or a whole for a clear view.

Wolves have a good sense of hearing. They can hear the calling from miles away. So, the further you have your range, the better. This will give you ample time to prepare your shot and be able to learn the reaction of wolves towards your

The other thing to consider when choosing your hunting stand is scent control. Try as much as possible not stand in a spot where the wind is blowing towards the wolf. As stated earlier, wolves have a great sense of smell. They can smell

your odor even from far. The best time to find a spot is late in the evening since wolves get active at night.

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Be fast and sharp

When a wolf is just a hundred from you, squeaking your lips is enough to lure it near. When a wolf is looking on your way, don’t move at all. As soon as it is in a clear range which you feel you are comfortable to shoot, take your shot. Remember that the nearer the wolf is approaching your way, the higher the chances to pick your smell or even see you. If it senses you are around, it will run away and all the time you’ve used calling will be in vain. Additionally, you have to be accurate when taking your shot. If you miss the shot, a quick howl may stop the wolf for a second. If you miss again, then you are out of lack.

You have to be careful when placing your shot. Like any other wild animals, target the vital organs. A good hit to the head will do. If you can’t do that, then go for the neck, the chest or the stomach. Hitting these parts will kill the wolf

instantly. The reason why shooting on other areas such a leg is not recommendable is that it might still run away, though wounded.
Stay put once you kill the wolf

Once you’ve had a successful shot, stay put. Some wolves from the pack may return to the site. This can give you a good chance to have a second catch. Additionally, this will give time for the wolf to expire. Sometimes, if you go handling an animal that is not completely dead, it might attack you and injure you. So, let it die completely before picking it.

All in all, bow hunting wolves is a thrilling experience. It is also dangerous since wolves are not friendly and they walk in a pack, which makes it riskier. So, you have been careful not to find yourself in trouble. Pick a good luring position and ensure they don’t see or smell you. Remember, coming across a wolf is hard. You don’t want to waste the chance you get. Make your shot count. If you haven’t bow hunted a wolf before, practice more and learn better skills to ensure you make it out there.