Tips on How to Hunting With a Crossbow-What You Should Know About It?

Introduction How to Hunting With a Crossbow

As we know that hunting is not an easy task, especially with a bow and arrow. It takes the practice of a lot the years to ace up the hunt with these types of equipment. Now as here we are going to talk about the hunting with the crossbow, let me tell you that hunting using a crossbow is also very tough but more comfortable than that of a bow and arrow.  This article explains about How to Hunting With a Crossbow that you can use as the guideline when hunting using crossbow.

But let us first discuss what a crossbow is?

A crossbow is an elastic weapon which also consists of the same components as the bow and arrow. It is used for target shooting with great force. In the market there is a vast variety of crossbow is available and you need to select according to your own needs.

Components of a crossbow

There are two designs available that is a recurve and the compound one. The recurve one is the oldest and standard design that was used by the people in ancient times. But the compound design of the crossbow is the latest one. Although, it is very stiff to use and consumes much more of your energy it can deliver the faster shots with greater force.

Before deciding which one design is better for you to use, you can try shooting with it. Do not purchase the crossbow without testing it first. Ensure that it is easy to use for you as the crossbows can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, it is better to use it first and then purchasing it.

However, while purchasing a crossbow, only the weight is not essential. However, it can become the most helpful for you if you choose a bow of heavyweight, as it’ll be easier to aim, while hunting, which the most crucial aspect of the shooting.

How to use a crossbow for hunting?

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If you know the technique of using a rifle or a bow and arrow than it will be much easier to learn the crossbow, but still you will need to learn a few things. However, a physically disabled person can also shoot with the help of a crossbow. It shows how easy it is to use.

hunting with the crossbow includes three necessary steps regardless of the equipment. That is cocking, shooting, and obviously the most important is the safety of course.

So, let’s discuss these three necessary steps:

1.     Cocking

The first step is the cocking, and it can be done in further three ways that are manual cocking by hand, with the rope cocker and the third one is by using a crank.

•    Let us discuss the first way that is manual cocking by hand. 

This method is one of the quickest ways to load a crossbow. At the front of the crossbow, a stirrup is there.  While you are standing, securely place your foot in the stirrup and pull the string backward using both hands. Use the equal force on both the strings to make the bow aligned in one angle for a more accurate target.  

•    The second method is cocking with the help of rope cocker.

This method is very you’re using a crossbow that weighs above 68 kg. 

As cocking is way too much harder if it is done manually. Therefore, it is better to use a pulley-based tool usually called rope cocker. It is very easy, and also you don’t need to spend a lot of energy. You will need to attach the tool to your string and do the same thing as you did in the manual cocking using your hands and pull strings until the crossbow is loaded.

•    To use a crank for cooking is the best option if you are upper body strength is weak. Crank is a system that is attached to the bow in some crossbows, but it is also available separately s an accessory in the market.  If you are out for hunting in the field. It might not be the best option for you.

2.    Loading the crossbow with safety 

Once you have cocked the bow, the next step is to place the arrow onto the barrel and secure it on that place. Make sure that the cock vane of the bolt and the groove of the barrel are appropriately aligned with each other. Once this step is done, your crossbow is ready to shoot.

Some latest crossbows also consist of scopes. These scopes help in shooting with high accuracy.

Now as you know, how to load the crossbow let’s take about some safety precautions you need to know before firing.

•   Your fingers should not be in the way of the released string. Otherwise, it will hurt you badly when the string recoils due to the force applied while shooting. SO, be careful.

•   Also, make sure there is no other thing coming in the way of the strings like branches of the trees. 

3.     The last step is shooting and then after de-cocking the bow

Shooting a bow is not robust. However, the only thing to do is to aim at the target and press the trigger lightly. To kneel on your knees is the best way to shoot, as this position has the most stability while firing and you will be able to shoot with more accuracy.  

After the arrow is shot at the target, you can de-cock the crossbow and one of the easiest ways to de-cock it is to fire it. Either you can shot it at any random target or use a de-cocking bolt and fir it on the ground.

Note: The one thing to note is to use arrows of good quality as cheap arrows usually miss the target frequently.


hunting with the crossbow can be very thrilling experience of your life. By using these steps, you can learn how to shoot your desired target using the crossbow. Here, I have mentioned all the steps from loading the crossbow till pressing the trigger. These steps will surely help you in doing your first hunt using a crossbow.