Tips on Hunting Groundhogs Using A Crossbow-What You Should Know

Introduction-How To Hunting Groundhogs With a Bow

Hunting Groundhogs using a crossbow is something people have done for a long time. For a while, the sport has been quiet, but it is experiencing a revival because of how fun it is to hunt groundhog. Groundhog hunting is done during the spring and summer months and is a great way to get outdoors doing what you love best – hunting with a crossbow. This post will explain about hunting groundhogs with a crossbow.

If you want to hunt Groundhogs, using a crossbow is recommended because it has more power than traditional bows.

If you want to kill groundhogs, the most important thing that you need to do first is knowing their environment. You should know where they live and what time of day they are active so can have a better chance in hunting them down

You also need to dress properly before going into hunting grounds like wearing camo clothing or face paint for best results. There are many videos at to explain regarding hunting groundhogs

Another thing that will help you when hunting groundhog is learning about some basic survival skills such as identifying different types of land terrain (forested areas, grasslands), understanding animals’ behavior (animals eating habits), and how animal navigation works so your chances of success increase significantly.

There are many types of groundhogs such as woodchucks, meadow mice, and chipmunks.

The best time to hunt groundhogs is during the winter season because they are not as active

When hunting for a woodchuck you should get ready with your recurve bow or any other type of weapon that would be suitable for this kind of animal (you can also use shotguns). You need to find an area where they are most likely going to pass by such as their burrows in order to have a better chance at killing them. When shooting you should aim just below the neck if possible. In case misses then it will still kill with impact from its body hitting the ground

You must make sure that your arrows have broadheads so arrowhead will penetrate deeply into the target.

Best crossbow for hunting groundhogs is Barnett Vortex.

It is said that it can penetrate deep into its body and will kill them instantly because of the arrowhead which significantly increases impact force.

When using a crossbow, don’t aim for head shots but rather throat or heart area so you could get better accuracy when shooting at long distances.”

Where to Find Groundhogs-Hunting Groundhogs Using A Crossbow

Groundhogs can be found throughout the central and north-eastern areas of the United States. They can also be found up into Canada. Many farmers love the idea of groundhog hunters coming around, as they consider the animal to be destructive, as the groundhogs burrow under structures and destroy crop.

Groundhogs could previously be found everywhere, out in the wild in fields and along tree lines, however as they have been hunted by coyotes and bobcats, who are rising in numbers, they have taken to burrowing under manmade structures such as barns and sheds. While this is ultimately not great for the groundhogs having to find refuge in more suburban or farmed areas, it does make it a lot easier when we go out looking for them.

How To Find Groundhogs When Hunting Groundhogs With a Bow

To find a groundhog, you need to look in holes around manmade structures such as barns and sheds. They usually leave their burrows in the first two to three hours of daylight each day, and sometimes during the hours before dusk, seeking food and water.

Due to this pattern, it is a good idea to set up a watch around barns and sheds where groundhog burrows are present. Spending some time here, you will be able to see when they leave or return to their burrows. This information helps you to hunt them in the future.

Next, you need to scout out possible food sources for groundhogs nearby their burrows. The preferred food sources for them would be clover fields and vegetable gardens, as the groundhogs live solely on vegetation.

Tracking Groundhogs When Hunting Groundhogs With a Bow

It would be very hard to try and identify groundhog tracks as they walk very lightly. Even in soft soil, a groundhog hardly leaves any tracks. A technique often used to track groundhogs is by leaving flour sprinkled around the floor, so you will be able to track their footprints and see which direction they use to exit and enter their burrows. This will help you determine which side of the burrow to set up to hunt the groundhogs.

Trail cameras are also so handy when it comes to tracking and hunting, and the same goes for tracking groundhogs. While this might seem as going too far for some, groundhogs follow a very routine and patterned life, so you will be able to better learn their habits and patterns using a camera, rather than being there yourself watching them morning and night.

Be Ready With Your Bow When Hunting Groundhogs Using A Crossbow

Groundhogs can be tremendously nervous creatures, always on the lookout for bobcats and coyotes. Because of this, they can appear and disappear into their burrows incredibly quickly. This is why it is so important to spend some time learning the groundhog’s patterns, in order to know when you can expect them to appear. When you are sure your timing is correct, get your crossbow ready. Without your weapon ready, you might miss the perfect moment to shoot.

The Right Equipment When Hunting Groundhogs With a Bow

Other than your favorite crossbow in tow, there are some other essential items you will need to take with you on your groundhog hunt.
Remember that you won’t be walking around tracking the groundhog, you would have done this research and work beforehand, and instead, you will be spending your time waiting for the groundhog to appear. You also need to make sure you are comfortable while doing this, so you don’t give up and go home.

Small chair – You will need a small chair with a back on it. Don’t worry about taking a full-size camping chair, as they can be heavy to carry around. Make sure the chair has a back on it, this will be much more comfortable than being perched on a stool.

Range finder – A range finder is always a must when out on a hunt, and there is no reason you don’t need one when hunting groundhogs. A range finder will help you estimate the distance of the shot, and whether or not it is worth shooting your crossbow at that range.
Binoculars – We are not a species blessed with far eyesight, so binoculars are vital. They will help you track the groundhog from far, which allows you to ready your crossbow and quieten down awaiting the groundhog to approach.

Full camo – As groundhogs are very skittish, nervous creatures, you will need to properly blend into your surroundings. You probably already have the right camo for the environment you are hunting in, and who needs extra motivation to wear their camo?

Digital camera – Always keep a digital camera handy. Not only does it help track the groundhogs and learn their patterns leading up to the hunt, but it also allows you to take pictures of your successful hunt afterward. Trophy pictures are always welcome!

When it comes to hunting, preparation is key. You could ruin a whole hunt by not having the right equipment, or by leaving something behind. You do not want to jeopardize the integrity of your hunt by being ill-prepared.

Why Should You Hunt Groundhog With a Bow

While a farmer might say that hunting groundhog is a necessity, to rid their farms of groundhogs who cause a whole host of problems for them, there are other reasons to hunt groundhog. Groundhogs do taste good, and there are some great recipes to try out that feature groundhog meat.
Another main reason people hunt groundhogs is just for the fun of it. There isn’t much hunting to be done during the warmer months, so why not pass up some time tracking down and hunting some groundhogs.

Take the opportunity to warm up your hunting skills and be bitten by the hunting bug. There is also never a bad opportunity to pull out your crossbow, especially when it is for something as fun as hunting groundhog. Take your time tracking these little creatures and enjoy the hunt when the time comes!

The hunting is the activity which has been in trend for decades, at the ancient times the hunting was considered as the most enjoyable and joyful activity which servers the hunter with joy whenever they hunt animals. Due to hunting up the animals several species have come to extinction so the government have taken a step towards this activity and they have restricted people to hunt several animals but in some countries hunting the groundhogs are allowed to the people. 

In this article, we are here to elaborate on the tips that you can consider when you are planning to hunt the groundhogs. Firstly we will tell you more about the groundhogs; the groundhogs are also known as the woodchucks and the large rodents. The groundhogs belong to one of the marmot species in which the squirrels are also included. The groundhogs look quite similar to the squirrels. 

If you are willing to hunt the groundhogs with the help of the crossbow, it is the thing that people have not done in an extended period. For a while, hunting the groundhogs with the crossbow has become a sport, but later it is revival because the questions have arisen that how hunting the groundhogs will be fun. But later on, it got sorted, and most of the people prefer hunting the groundhogs with the crossbow in the spring and summer months as this is the time that they usually appear. 

  • How to hunt the groundhogs with the help of the crossbow?

There are several gadgets available in the market which is proficient in making the hunting process easy, but hunting the groundhogs with the crossbow is another kind of fun and enjoyment. So have a look at the following points to know more about the tips and the procedure that you can follow to make your hunting the groundhogs with the help of crossbow easy and enjoyable. So have a look at the following points to know more. 

Tips that you can consider while hunting the groundhogs with a crossbow:

  • Where you can find the groundhogs and the crossbows:

The groundhogs are the animals which can be easily found throughout the central and northeastern areas of the United States, though they can be easily found in Canada. Several farmers love the idea of hunting the groundhogs who comes around their field as they consider these animals as the destructive ones because they are capable of ruining the crop. The crossbows are readily available in the stores so that you can consider buying the finest one according to their necessities. 

  • How to find out the groundhogs:

Well, as we have described above that the groundhogs are the animals that can be found at the particular and more often they can be seen in the spring and summer season. So if you have reached these places then check out the holes on the ground at the manmade structures, e.g. barns and sheds. More often, they leave their burrows at first two to three hours during the day as they feel comfier roaming around in the daylight. They roam around in the daylight as they need to search for food and water, the groundhogs tries to reach their burrows before dusks. So this is the right time to hunt the groundhogs with the crossbow. 

  • You need to track the groundhogs while holding a crossbow:

The person will get bored easily while sitting around the burrow of the groundhogs and there are more chances that they will get into their homes before you hunt them with the help of crossbow, to prevent these things preferably you should track the groundhogs and reach at their location to hunt them. You need to walk slowly very lightly even in the soft soil as well. The groundhogs are capable of leaving the track anytime, so you need to be more alert. The groundhogs leave flour sprinkled around the floor, and this is the thing that will help you to reach towards the groundhogs. 

These were some of the most amazing techniques that you can follow to hunt the groundhogs, the groundhogs tries to reach their home (burrow) before it gets darker and when they leave their home, they sprinkle the flour on the ground which can help the hunter with ease while locating the groundhogs. Be careful as they can change their position any time anywhere. You need to walk slowly and take steps lightly even on the soft soil as well because if you run fast then your footsteps will alert the groundhogs and they might change their location. 

Here we are with some frequently asked questions that will help you to know more:

  • Why do you need a crossbow instead of any other weapon?

Hunting the groundhogs with the crossbow has become a trend as people enjoying hunting them with the help of crossbow, the crossbow is different and unique apart from various weapons. The crossbows have multiple options available that you can consider the finest one according to your necessities.

  • Are the groundhogs and woodchucks are the same animals?

Yes! The groundhogs and woodchucks are the same animals as the woodchuck is another name of the groundhogs. 

  • Are the groundhogs aggressive?

Indeed! The groundhogs or the woodchucks are the aggressive animals, and they are entirely opposite from the ordinary squirrel. The groundhogs are hard to get as they are aggressive, and they have rabies as well. 

The final verdict 

From the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude to the fact is the groundhogs are aggressive animals, and they have rabies as well, not only this. They are really hard to catch, and if you are willing to hunt the groundhogs, then you should consider the tips or the steps that are mentioned above for the ease of the hunters. It would be best if you got easy to handle and easily operatable that will serve you with ease while hunting the groundhogs.