Tips to Bowhunting Mountain Lion

Introduction Bowhunting Mountain Lion

The mountain lion also known as the cougar or puma is a formidable challenge for any passionate hunter. This article will explains about how to bowhunting for mountain lion.

Mountain lions is very aggressive animal and you must know the right technique to hunt for mountain lion. Mountain lions is very risky and dangerous games. This article will provide the insight about how to bowhunting for mountain lion.

It is elusive and prefers to hunt in the dark. The species survives in the cold mountain climate. In fact, it is one of the most prolific hunters in the rocky and mountainous regions of North and South America. So what’s the challenge with hunting the cougar?

Cougars are shy and will naturally avoid human contact. So tracking it usually take long hours and a kill will often not be guaranteed. Besides, the big cat is territorial. They thrive in isolation. That can make them even harder to find.

But heck, challenges are what all great hunters love. There is unmatched satisfaction in tracking an elusive animal for hours, probably days, and finally bringing it down with a perfect shot to the vitals. Such an endeavor is not for the faint-hearted though. Are you up for the challenge? Then keep reading to discover 5 tips no how to Bowhunt for the mountain lion. These tips from skilled bowhunters are guaranteed to save you time and increase your chances of a kill.

Schedule the Hunt in the Winter when Bowhunting Mountain Lion

Plan your hunt for the winter. It is the only time of the year you have any chance of getting a kill. That’s because the mountains are different from the grasslands and forests. While you can find animal tracks on the soft ground of grasslands, there is virtually no place for paw tracks in the rocky mountain regions. And it is on these rocks that mountain lions go looking for prey.

Winter comes with snow. You can find cougar tracks on snow and that will make the hunt realistic. Not only that: In case you miss the vitals of the animal and it escapes breeding, finding it will not be a problem. Blood trails on snow are easy to follow no matter where the animal escapes to. You will be guaranteed to go home with your trophy as long as your arrow lands on the animal. There is another advantage of a winter hunt: The mountains are covered in a perfect white coat of snow − a great opportunity for you to camouflage in a white parka and get closer to the animal for a precise shot.

Practice Shooting More

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Practice shooting more if you want to bring down the big cat with your first shot. You will only have one chance to shoot the animal dead and in a split second, it will be gone. A great idea for topnotch archery skills is to imagine you are in the woods and the animal is within your view. In fact, wear the exact clothes you will wear during the hunt. The more you practice shooting at an imaginary cougar, the more you will shoot better when you encounter the cat in the woods.

Your shooting sessions are good opportunities to try different kinds of bows. You need to find one that maximizes your accuracy. If the length of your bow is too long or too short, you can always find the right bow size. The shooting sessions are also the right time to experiment with different kinds of arrows and get an idea of how each can impact the animal. Some arrowheads will be more efficient than others. The more confident you get using your bow, the more confident you will be to shoot accurately during the hunt.

Use a Reputable Guide

Mountain lions are hard to find. You just don’t walk into the woods and find a mountain lion waiting for you. You need a reputable guide. A professional guide should know the hunting ground well. They know where the cougars hunt and have likely helped many hunters just like you get their trophies. Besides, when the bowhunting challenge is this tough, you had better have a hunting buddy with you.

If you are completely new to the hunting ground, the guide will come in handy. They know all the issues that could arise. They will ensure that you come out safe from the hunt. And since the winter requires the use of specific equipment like snowmobiles to scout for the big cats, a guide will ensure that you get all you need.

Furthermore, they will do all that is necessary including skinning the animal so that you carry your hard-earned trophy back home. So read reviews, interview an outfitter, ask for referrals and more: Find a guide who understands your hunting grounds and your hunting goals well.

Use Hounds when Bowhunting Mountain Lion

Hounds can make tracking a mountain lion easier. They have an innate sense of smell which is stronger than that of humans. This ability is crucial especially when you encounter faint paw tracks. Even if you plan to hunt in the night, hounds can make a big difference.

The best part is: You don’t have to run after the dogs. By using GPS dog collars you will accurately know where the dogs are at any given time. And you will know when the dogs have treed the cougar. Even after the kill, you won’t have to waste time looking for the dogs.

There are many outfitters willing to offer trained hounds at an affordable fee. They also offer professional houndsmen. Often the houndsmen will double up as guides; an advantage if you don’t intend to bring a large group of people along. Professional houndsmen, understand the language of the dogs. They know what each bark, whine or moan means. That can take a lot of the stress off the hunt.

Be Patient

Patience is perhaps the most valuable thing you will need when hunting for mountain lions. Despite your best efforts, you could go for days without finding a thing. That can be discouraging if you are a beginner. If you have experience hunting other kinds of game you might begin to question the notion that hunting mountain lions is easy.

You might even think that you are unlucky. That is not true. While some hunters can appear to have a lucky charm with mountain lions, you must not be discouraged. Bowhunting cougars can be an enormous challenge to any bowhunter.

You need all the patience you have got. Resist the urge to get antsy early in the day. If its midday and you have still not found a thing, keep looking for another hour or two. Just because a cougar hasn’t shown up doesn’t mean you won’t find them. If you see one and don’t get a chance for a good shot, don’t quit.

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As long as you keep looking, there will be other perfect opportunities to shoot the animal right at the heart. Always remember that those days you leave the woods with nothing are still of value. They add to your hunting experience. And the more experience you got, the higher your chances of getting that trophy.

Are You Ready to Get a Mountain Lion Under Your Belt?

Some say that cougar-hunts are easy, others say it is the hardest thing in the world. Its high time you found out. If you are experienced with bucks and turkeys, its time to try something completely different and hunt a big cat. If you are beginner, this is your chance to get valuable experience. hunting a mountain lion is an experience that no hunter should miss.

Getting that trophy can make you stand out and earn admiration from your peers. These 5 tips should make the challenge easier. They should give you all the confidence and inspiration you need. So use them and go get that mountain lion trophy.