How You Want To Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed-3 Best Guide

Introduction-Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed

Archery is a very popular and one of the oldest sports which has been practiced since the Stone Age – around 20,000BC. Back then, bows and arrows were used for hunting and warfare. Fast forward today, archery is easier thanks to new equipment available on the market. This article explains about Compound Bow With Left Handed for your references.

Shooting a compound bow is much easier than traditional bow and arrow but it’s not child’s play either. You need immense practice to achieve perfection at shooting a compound bow.

If you are a left-handed archer, you need to know few things before start practicing shooting a compound bow. It is estimated that only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed, so left-handed archers live in a world dominated by right-handed archers. You can visit to know more about Compound Bow With Left Handed.

If you are a lefty and if you have never shot a compound bow before, you can be easily mistaken while choosing the orientation of the bow. You should keep in mind that we choose the right orientation of the bow based on the hand that draws the bow and not the hand that grips the bow. So, a left-hand compound bow is held in the right hand and drawn back with the left hand. Similarly, on the other hand, a right-hand bow is held in the left hand and drawn back with the right hand.

Now that you have a clear vision of the orientation of the bow, let’s move forward to the steps on how to shoot a compound bow perfectly left-handed.

1.Attach your mechanical release to the bowstring

The first and foremost step any archer needs to take before shooting a compound bow is to attach a mechanical release to the bowstring where the arrow attaches. Though many archers skip this step, mechanical release acts as a release aid and its importance in shooting a compound bow should never be ignored.

It holds a key in ensuring the accuracy of the trajectory of your arrow. It is fitted with a trigger and it makes sure you refrain your fingers from releasing the arrow. It is also important in speeding the bowstring release and if you attach the mechanical release, a minimal torque is placed on the string.

Make sure you keep your index finger behind the trigger to prevent it from releasing accidentally.

2.Nocking the arrow when Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed

Nocking the arrow is a simple process in shooting a compound bow. When it is done correctly, the arrow will contact the bow at two points, the rest and the string.

It enhances the accuracy of an archer by ensuring there are no other points of contact (which can make the arrow go wide from the target) apart from the rest and the string. You need to pull the back of the string until it forms a small semi-circle also called “D-loop”. The arrow is locked in a straight path, and the curved line is used to pull the string back.

Now, that you have nocked your arrow successfully, it’s time to draw the bow, but wait.

3.The Proper Stance and Grip for a left-handed archer when Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed

Like the stance of a right-handed archer, you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and at a 90-degree angle to your target. But unlike the right-handed archer, a left-handed archer needs to stand in such a way that his right side faces the target.

Now you need to draw an imaginary line from you to your target in your mind also called “shooting line”. Then, move your back foot which is your left foot slightly in front of this line. Your toes do not have to point at the target, but they should face forward and feel comfortable.

So, in short, if you are left-handed, your right foot should be in front of your left foot and your right side will face the target.

The grip should not be too tight as it may cause the bow to torque. You should hold the bow calm and loose and, in a way, that the weight balances in the space between your thumb and fingers.

4.Drawing the bow when Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed

This is one of the most important steps for both right-handed and left-handed archers. Make sure you have followed all the steps mentioned above properly. You can’t draw the bow until you have followed all the previous steps required for shooting a compound bow. You might think that drawing the bow means only pulling the string back, but you need to know a few more things for drawing the bow.

As mentioned above the right orientation is important for an archer. As you are a lefty, you need to hold the bow in your right hand and draw back with your left hand. While pulling back the string, the power will come from your back muscles. Pulling back the string in one motion by squeezing shoulders together is the best way to avoid muscular strain in your arms and prevent injury. It also helps in achieving perfect accuracy as it ensures a smoother shot. The arms should rest lightly, as relaxed and comfortable as possible around the bow. Don’t grip the bow too tightly as it may cause torque in the bow which leads to misfiring. So, your grip should be relaxed and loose.

5.The Perfect Eye and Chin Position

Staying still and comfortable with a strong posture is half the battle won as far as achieving accuracy and perfection in archery is concerned.

You need to stand still, and your eyes should be fixed on the target. Your chin should be positioned in such a way that it is parallel to the ground. A good concentration and regular practice will ensure that the arrow will less likely to go off-target.

6.Aiming the bow when

As far as aiming the bow is concerned, it is one of the most challenging steps of an archer. For aiming, you need to know that only practice can improve it. The more you practice, the better you get at aiming. However, you can install a peep sight and a forward sight in your bow to make the aiming easier. A forward sight is mainly attached at the front of the bow and it includes a pin and a level.

But always remember even after installing them, you need to practice on a regular basis to make your aiming better, otherwise, the arrow will go off-target. You need to close your one eye and use your dominant eye to look through the peep. Now, that you have aimed perfectly, it’s time for you to complete the final step which is firing.

7.Firing the bow when Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed

If you have followed all the steps above correctly, now it’s time for you to release the arrow. You need to keep one thing in mind is that your body should not be twisted while firing. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable when you are shooting a compound bow.

Practice makes it Perfect when Shoot a Compound Bow With Left Handed

If you are a beginner or if you are shooting a compound bow, be it right-handed or left-handed for the first time, you may fail, the arrow may be misfired multiple times and shooting a compound bow might seem hard and challenging.

But, remember every expert archer was once a beginner. If you keep on practicing, your skills and accuracy will improve day by day, and one day you will become an expert at shooting a compound bow.