Tomount 8 Person Tent

Review Product Tomount 8 Person Tent-5 Important Criteria before buying it

Introduction Tomount 8 Person Tent

Imagine you are planning to shop online, but you have no idea about how good the quality of the product that you are planning to buy and how original or authentic the product is in the first place. This article will explain about Tomount 8 Person Tent that can be used as the guideline when want to purchase camping tent for your hunting experience.

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As the virtual shop is far away from your location, thus making it impossible for you to drive to the shop to see the product with your own eyes and hands, but with the advance of technology nowadays, most of the products are sold online, even the products that you hardly get at nearby shop or rare in the market.

By just clicking your computer while sitting comfortly in your home, you can now buy anything from everywhere around the world. But again, the issue about how good the quality of the product, would definitely be one of the most important matter that the online shopper faced. People would want a product that worth every single cents they spent.

The emerging of e-commerce and online websites not only impacted the sales of products of a company. But it also gave good promotions if the product reviews are good and hel to place the brand in consumer’s mind. Product reviews are very important in an online store’s marketing and in branding it. It helps to built trust, boast confidence and create loyalty among buyers and this help to set the product apart and special from others.

Product review or customer review is a review or comment of a product or service made by customer who has used or purchased the product or service. Online customer’s reviews or product reviews are usually a form of customer’s feedback on e-commerce or online shopping websites that give an insight of the product or service. Online product reviews are important because it can be access quickly and has wide range of coverage all over the world. Besides, it help to give good or bad feedback on the products being listed online. It gives the customers an opportunity to give feedback, or rating or comments on the products they bought. At the other hand, their feedback can be seen by other customers and give guidance for them about the related product. Besides the direct product review on the website, they are also some people who would do product review at their own blog or webpage or any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But it is more like a longer version of the product review and based solely on the writer’s experience with the product.

This also help other new customer to get an insight about the product that they will be purchasing.In a study done on product review, 90% of consumers will read online product reviews before they visit a website or online store to purchase the product. From this number, 88% of them trust the product review as if it is personal recommendations from a fiend although they did not know the other hand of the customer. 

Almost 31% of them are likely to buy a product or spend their money on a product with excellent reviews (mostly 4 to 5 stars rating). 72% of them said that they would trust a business more based on positive reviews they saw and take action after reading the positive review. But in other hand, 86% of people will hesitate to purchase if the reviews are negative.

Product Images Related Tomount 8 Person Tent

The availability of the product review on has help put the TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent in a good ranking position at Amazon marketplace (ranked #15 in Camping Tent category).

Product Description Tomount 8 Person Tent

TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent is a professional waterproof and windprood camping tent that comes with solid and portable carry bag, easy and quick to setup, and has double layer and 5 large mesh or windows for ventilation. Basically, it is well known as the best family tent that customer can find at TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent can fit up to 3 queen size mattresses or 8 individual sleeping bags that are very roomy for 8 adults at a time.

Easy to Set Up and Smooth Zip

TOMOUNT fulfil the consumer needs by making it product as easy to set up and has smooth zip that help the consumer to bulit a perfect tent through easy and simple steps in only 10 minutes. With the smooth and sturdy zippers being installed in the TOMOUNT tent, the consumer can get a smooth zipping, thus making it convenient to get in and out of the tent. It also has the 2-way zippers and never stuck as it uses high quality zippers. This is one of the important aspect that buyer seeks before purchasing any tent especially parents with small kids as most of the products in the market are lacking in providing good zip in their products. Kids tend to be playful and exited when going for camping, thus offering a good quality zip is among the best features that this product can offer to grab the attention of buyers.

Professional Waterproof and Windproof

To be competitive and making sure the durability of their product, TOMOUNT tent is both waterproof and windproof by professional testing. As they expect both weather will struck during user’s time, they make sure the material used and the frame is strong enough to keep the tent up at over 4,000 mm waterproof index. It keeps the tent stay dry inside even with heavy rain. It is also engineered to face strong wind with ist wind- responsive frame and redesigned poles, thus making it more stable in windy and rainy weather.

Ventilation, Light Weight and Compartment

The TOMOUNT tent has large door and 5 mesh windows and mesh tent top that make the user to be able to gaze at the Milky Way during night time. These mesh openings allow optimal airflow and give fresh ventilation to the users. It also has compartment and divider where users can set it up to have more privacy in the tent. It is also very light weight and portable with a carry bag, thus making it very ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, fishing, and many other outdoor activities even at your home yard.

Electrical Access Port

One of the speciality of TOMOUNT tent is that it is equipped with the electrical access port that let the user to run a cord from their device
in the tent to an outside power source. The interior gear pockets is also designed to help user to keep things organized.

Another important aspect of this TOMOUNT tent is that they provide 24/7 dedicated customer support, thus making it easier and convenient for the user to contact them when having problem using this tent. Users can sit back and relax and enjoy their camping time.

Pro or Benefits of it?-Tomount 8 Person Tent

TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent has offered a lot of benefits as mentioned in the product features before, but here are some top benefits such as below:

  • Large tent that can fit up to 8 adults – this give a good space and leave a memorable experience for a family with kids to stay together in a tent or even for a group of friends that go camping together as they can spend time together in that large tent, having chit chat or playing card games together during night. It reduces the individualistic component when having recreational activities like those entire conventional tent used to be.
  • Small packaging, lightweight and easy to assemble – the packaging of it is small (about 3 ft long) and it is very lightweight (18 pound of weight) and most importantly, it is very easy to assemble within 10 minutes. This is also very important benefit that a tent must have since users would definitely seek for a large tent but with small packaging to carry it. Users can put it in their car’s bonnet and place other things for their camping outing. Easy assembling also has been the benefit of this tent, as users only need to use 1 to 2 people to assemble it within 10 minutes of time.
  • Ventilation and nice compartment – another benefits of TOMOUNT tent has is the way they design this tent has make the airy ventilation of the tent and thus making the users feel comfortable and fresh throughout the camping experience. As we know, during camping activities, we have to leave behind all our comfort air conditioning or fans and comfort mattress at home. But with TOMOUNT tent, users still can experience the best and cooling environment and not stuffy air like those old days. Having it to fit 8 adults per time, it is very crucial for this tent to be able to stay airy and fresh throughout the time.

Cons or Downside of it?

Even with the good reviews and benefits of using TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent, there are also the downside of this product such as below:

  1. High Price – TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent is priced at $189.99 per unit (only now with the special promotion it is priced at $149.99 per unit). This is quite expansive as compared to other tents in the market. However, it is considered within the range as there are other substitutes tent with even higher price than that.
  2. Product Diversification – TOMOUNT 8 Person only come with 2 colors , green and blue and not so much of some other plug in items that can use with it.

Are the any alternatives products?

Any comments that you can shared?

The online reviews for TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent are quite amazing. This product received a total of 329 customer reviews and 338 customer ratings at A lot of positive reviews from the buyers and users of this tent being uploaded in the customer feedback or product review part and most of them giving good feedbacks inline with the good features that this product offered. They even shared the photos of the product after they received and installed it at home.

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Yes I recommended 100%,

TOMOUNT is a good product at the moment but to be able to have competitive advantage throught the lifetime, they would need to always innovate and invent in this product such as putting in more small but simple features in the tent (small pockets, usb power charger line, external battery for charging, and many more). They also can create more other items that can be used together with this product and can be sell separately as a complimentary to this product. Other than that, they also can produce other colors to make more varieties for the buyers such as orange color or grey color.

But overall, this product has so far offered the best features in the market place and I would definitely recommend people to buy this product or at least have a look at best features that this product has to offers. In fact, I myself feel like ordering and buying 1 unit of this product from because the biggest tent I can find in Malaysian market so far is from the Decathlon, priced at around RM499 to RM599 per unit (but can only accommodate 4 to 5 people). This TOMOUNT 8 People Tent is the best tent that wins my heart so far.


As a conclusion, we can see that there are a lot of similar products in the market and industries are competing with each other to create a more attractive product to offer to the buyers. Good reviews of the products are very important in online marketing. But after all, whatever product that offers the best features with good price win the heart and eyes and mind of the customers. As for the company, they must keep inventing new things or better features and offer them as quickly as possible as this products will definitely be sold in the market if it has good reviews. Marketing the product on online platform is like fishing in the open sea, there are plenty of fish that will definitely eat our bait one day.

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