Review Toparchery Archery 56″ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Metal Riser Right Hand Black Longbow

Introduction to Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

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Product Images for Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Product Description for Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

The bow length is 56 inches and the bow riser is 17 inches while bow limb length is 53 inches. The maximum draw length of the bow is 30 inches. The bow available in five various weight which are 30 pounds, 35 pounds, 40 pounds, 45 pounds and 50 pounds. The arrows for the bow recommended to use arrows that made of aluminum or carbon for better performance. The bow has high strength casting aluminum riser. The bow is polished nicely and it offer excellent performance. The limb is made up of strong fiber glass with a maple core. 

Pro and Benefits of It for Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

The bow is very suitable for someone who interested in learning archery, beginner and skilled archery. The users will be more comfortable and confident when using the bow because the learner can use same bow from beginning and does not need to change it after beginner level. This shows the user can use the bow for longer period for the amount they spend. The limbs can be purchased separately. It can adjusted to increase or decrease weight as need by the user and the limbs can be share with friends and family. The strings, bow stringer and rest of the tools of the bow also can purchase separately. This will save money because the user does not need to continuously purchasing full new bows if the parts of bow broken. The bow can purchase at an affordable price with good quality and backed with an industry leading warranty, the bow warranty has for 1 year. Seller  follows 100% satisfaction policy where it guarantees customer a full refund if customer are not 100% satisfied with Toparchery recurve bow. For 40 pounds of bow, customer can purchase at the cost price and no profit add to the price. This is to encourage more people to try the toparchery bow. There are also few videos about the bow uploaded in the website on how people using it. Besides that, the bow provided with instruction book which will be very helpful for user especially for beginner.

Cons or Downside of It

The bow is only for right handed shooter. Although it is suitable for beginner but left handed shooter cannot have the advantage. Based Archery Australia, this bow length is not standard length. User maybe cannot use the bow for competition purpose because it is not standard length. Although the bow selling in the Amazon which is international market but the seller does not ship to Malaysia. The customer who really want to purchase this bow need to look for other seller who willing to ship to Malaysia and this may incur additional cost. The bow does not have choice of colour, it only available in black colour.

Any alternative Product

Based on my opinion, there is no alternative for this bow and if available also it will in different length. This bow is reviewed as best top 10 recurve bows for 2019 in Native Compass page

Any Review Online

There are total of 144 review for this product and most of it is positive compared to negative since 2017. Average rate for this product 4.4 out of 5. 

One of the positive review by Johnathan on 12 June 2019 for this bow, he said that the bow was well packaged and had all the parts in the box. It also it comes with instructions, the limbs which are labeled, limb mounting bolts, a tool for the bolts, carrying bag and an arrow rest. There is no scratches left on the bow from the arrows if use with arrow rest. He said that the limbs cannot snap easily unless the user completely disregard the proper way to handle a bow or have put it together incorrectly. He have strung and unstrung the bow many times without a bow stringer and had no problems. He also said fom a shooting standpoint this bow shoots great. Based on his experience, he would never known a good priced bow like this could shoot as well as some much higher priced ones. He can get a consistent grouping with this bow right out of the box. He totally recommend this product as it is well built and works better than expected. For this review, 16 people found it is helpful to make decision.

For negative review which was on 9 January 2019, a user said he used to go shooting with his daughter, he followed the directions for installing the limbs and bow string and had no problems that first day. The second time they went to shoot, the top limb split in the middle which made the bowstring snap off the lower limb of the bow ultimately making the bow useless. He had shot maybe 50 arrows through it altogether and he now have a useless bow. For this review, 5 people found this helpful for them.

Do You Recommended To Buy This Product?

Yes, I will recommend  the bow to someone who interested in archery especially for beginner. The bow is not expensive so if the product not as expected the purchaser would not loss much  and for beginner can use this bow temporary for training before using sophisticated bow. The instruction book is provided with the bow so it will help user to install it. Based on pro and cons of the product, it has more pro which will benefit to user. Based on reviews on the site, it has more positive reviews compared to negative. This shows most of the satisfied with the bow.


The product review is very important especially to those purchasing product online. This because the customer cannot see how is the product before buying so customer can judge the product based reviews by previous users. Based on product review also, the seller able to understand customer demand. It also help the seller to understand their own product and which type of product the customer willing to purchase. The sellers should know that Amazon product review and rating always impact on the product rankings in search results. Therefore, higher the reviews and ratings for the bow, better will be the bow ranking and sales. Product reviews can definitely be a great insight into the customer service quality of online product.