Coyote Calls

3 Tips Tracking Down a Coyote with Coyote Calls

Understanding Coyote Calls to hunting Coyote

Learning using coyote calls when want to hunt an animal in the jungle can become a useful tool. Coyote calls is one of the tools that hunters can use during their hunting. There are many tools for hunting that can be used as the guidelines by hunters such as deer calls. duck calls, pigeon call, elk calls, moose call, and many more.

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Hunting is a great deal of pleasure and delight. Physical fitness, improved concentration, etc. are some of the fruits of hunting. Hunting is mostly a hobby or a means of survival.

Well, different animals like loin, deer, fox, etc. are hunted and one such infamous animal is a Coyote. It is a canine animal and a native of Northern America. Also known as the American jackal, it is one of the wisest and the deadliest predators with a close relation to wolves.

Scary right! There is there a scope of hesitation after knowing these. But guess what? We being humans have a solution to every problem. The same goes here too. Electronically generated predator calls or coyote calls, in short, is the exact solution to this, and surprisingly, within no time they’ve become a must-have tool along with a hunting gun.

How to use Coyote Calls:

These are artificially generated coyote or predator calls to mislead and trap the coyotes. An in-built shorter model or an advanced programmable model can be chosen based on individual requirements.

  1. Testing coyote calls:

A programmable one is more recommendable as it can record the live voices and aid better. After you’ve chosen the model, the most important thing to do is testing it before actually using it. They can be tested at home with some precautions like warning the neighbors, etc.

Testing is crucial as it helps in understanding the usage of the device as well as determining the quality of the machine. Imagine taking a dummy machine on to the field and returning with disappointment!

  • Setup coyote calls:

This is an on-field step. After the assurance that the device is in proper condition, it can be taken along for hunting. While setting up the coyote call, we need to keep the following factors in mind:

Distance: The basic factor is the distance until which the calls are to be transmitted. Though these machines are capable of generating voices that are audible upto 300 meters that might be a tough shot. It would be best to limit the voices to 30 meters for enhanced voices and easy shots.

Direction: Coyotes have an excellent sense of smell. So placing the calls in your direction would mean you’re becoming a prey to the animal. Coyotes have an excellent vision too but they find it difficult to look into the sun. If we fix the hunting position such that the sun is behind us, it is the perfect direction.

Decoys: Decoys are quite common hunting baits. Decoys like a turkey attached to a stick are a perfect trap for a coyote. Alternately, mechanical remote control toys can also be used here.

Type of Coyote Calls

After setting up the calls, we need to choose the type of call. There are 3 types of coyote calls in general. They are –territorial intruder, potential mate, food. Coyotes love rabbits so a rabbit call could be of great use. But as these are the widely used calls, it is wise to choose the other varieties.

When a coyote mates, it is for life. So inviting female calls are a great choice for unmated males as the mated ones wouldn’t bother these. From January to March, it is breeding time for these animals so they are conscious about their territories. This is the best time to use territorial calls.

How to coyote calls in the jungle
  • Placing the coyote calls:

While placing the call, the most crucial factor is volume. If maximum volumes are used all of a sudden, it might alarm the nearby animals. Starting off with moderate voices and gradually increasing them would be the best thing to do. But, remember to reduce the volume if you find coyote approaches.

It is advised to shift between different types of calls as the same type takes a lot of time in attracting the coyotes.