How to make an Atlatl

Understand 3 techniques on How to make an Atlatl

Introduction to How to Make an Atlatl

This is an instructional post giving you the things you need to do in making an atlatl. This article will explain about How to Make an Atlatl that you can learn and understand the technique when want to use atlatl in your hunting experience.

The atlatl is a throwing spear that was used by Native Americans for hunting. It has been found to be the most effective weapon ever designed, and it enabled people to hunt animals much larger than themselves with simple tools.

Atlatl can be used as the best hunting weapon as it is an amazing tool that could help you get your prey in a very easy manner. You just need to follow the next steps and make sure that when you do,

Material that needs to create an atlatl is a piece of wood and skill to create a spear.

The power is in the throwing arm, not in weapons like guns or bows and so on as you have to learn how to throw it with all your might if you want to get an animal. Remember that atlatl can be use for hunting only when you know what are doing and also which material needed for this weapon

How to Make an Atlatl

  • Start to Cut
  • Thinning
  • The Stop Cut
  • Start the Trimming Process
  • Shaving Off the Bark
  • Carve the Tip
  • Hardening
  • Enjoy Your New Atlatl

Hunting animals using the atlatl is very useful when you want to hunt the animals in the stealth mode. This weapon can target the animals easily and can kill the target very far away.

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This is one of the used weapons for the past few years. Currently, it is now being utilized for some sports.

So, if you are planning to create your own atlatl, then keep on reading.

The Atlatl-How to make an Atlatl

You need to pick a branch that you will use in creating an atlatl. Consider using a 16-inch branch. But the size will always depend upon your personal preference. Also, look for a branch that has a slight natural good, which is good for creating an atlatl.

Start to Cut

If your chosen branch has little branches, trim it down until you get a straight or a little bit curvy line.


After cutting the small branches, thin the sides down. After thinning the sides, begin to thin the bottom and top area of your branch. Determine the area you want to take a grip on to prevent it from carving. But if you want your atlatl to have some curves, you can now start carving your branch.

The Stop Cut

The next thing you need to do is to create a stop cut. This is the area where the dart will rest.

How to Create an Atlatl Dart

After creating an atlatl, it is time for you to make your own dart. To do this, cut a straight and long wood. After that, cut the wood to your preferred length. Usually, an average dart has a length of 36 inches or 93 cm.

Start the Trimming Process

Similar to what you have done in making an atlatl, start trimming the small branches of your chosen wood. 

Shaving Off the Bark

Most darts have feathers. In this step, start removing the bark of the wood you choose. Make sure that you will only bark off its end part. This is the area that you will place at the stop-cut of your made atlatl. This is also used for placing the feathers.

Start to Tie the Feathers

If you want to put some designs on your dart, cut some features using scissors. After cutting, with the use of an adhesive, glue the feathers on the barked area of the wood. Use some strings and start covering the feathers. When performing this process, you might consider making a little curve on the side of the feathers. This will cause the dart to spin around when being thrown.

Carve the Tip

Use the other end of the wood of your dart. Start carving its tip. But keep in mind that you will perform it with an off-center tip.


After carving the tip of your soon-to-be-dart, proceed to the hardening process. You can perform it with the help of a fire.

Enjoy Using Your Made Atlatl and Dart

Now that your atlatl and dart has been successfully made, the only thing that you should do is to enjoy throwing it. Practicing how to throw a dart with your atlatl requires some time, effort, and patience.

Making an atlatl can be done easily. Follow the steps we mentioned above to create your own atlatl and dart.


As a conclusion when you want to make a atlatl you must learn the technique and skills so that you will no have any problems in the future.