aim a recurve bow

Understanding the technique on How to Aim a Recurve Bow

Introduction How to aim a recurve bow

It cannot be denied that the individuals who are playing archery are increasing. In connection with that, the popularity of the recurve bows also starts to increase. This article will explain how to aim a recurve bow when you want to hunt animals.

How to aim a Recurve Bow for Hunting

  • Know Your Equipment and Gear
  • Practice to Target and Aim
  • Find Your Perfect Stance
  • Shooting the Bow
  • Lift The Bow to Your Shoulder Height
  • Start Pulling the Bowstring Backwards aim a recurve bow
  • Perform the Aim when you aim a recurve bow

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Learning how to aim to recurve bow is very important so that you can target the animals easily when you are hunting at the jungle. Recurve bow is one of the hunting weapons that you can use when hunting animals at the jungle.

Most of the hunters prefer using hunting equipment such as a compound bow or crossbow or hunting knife when hunting animals however it should be noted here that hunting using a recurve bow also can give you a wonderful experience.

This is because it has been used by one of the protagonists in a popular movie, The Hunger Games, who is known as Katniss Everdeen. 

If you are going to master the proper usage of a bow, you can ensure that your targets will be hit accurately. Another thing, make sure that you will opt for a perfect recurve bow and arrows that are suitable for your purpose and body. Make sure that you will have proper coaching and practices to have a consistent and accurate target hitting.

How to aim a recurve bow

In this post, you will know the proper ways on how to aim a recurve bow. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Find Your Perfect Stance

To determine your right stance, position your body perpendicularly to the target. This only means that if you are a left-handed person, try to position your body with your right hip pointing the target. Perform the opposite if you are a right-handed person. Make sure that you will maintain a vertical body. Avoid leaning your body to the side.

It should be noted here that it is very important to find the perfect stand when want to aim using the recurve bow because recurve bow is quite tricky than crossbow and compound bow.

Shooting the Bow

The first step in shooting the recurve bow is to load it with an arrow. Make sure that your bow has been loaded with an arrow before you lift it. This process is called as arrow nocking.

Lift The Bow to Your Shoulder Height

When lifting, make sure that your arm is locked and straight at your elbow. If you will not straight your elbow, you might have a hard time drawing the bow.

Start Pulling the Bowstring Backwards aim a recurve bow

Pull the bowstring with your full force until close to your jawbone. It should touch at least the corner of your lips. This is what experts have known as the anchor point. Also, check your body. Make sure that it is still positioned perpetually towards your target.

There is nothing for you to worry about when you touch the bowstring to the corner of your lips. It will not cause any harm. Be afraid if you place it behind or near your ear area. This will hurt you a lot when you release the bowstring.

Perform the Aim when you aim a recurve bow

Perform the aiming process with the help of your dominant eye. Make sure that your other eye is closed. Take a deep breath and stay focus on the position of your target. Using your dominant eye will help you to have a higher chance of hitting your target consistently and accurately. 

There are some recurve bows available on the market that come with notches. This will enable you to straight-up your sight to your target. Aside from that, recheck your aims. This will help you in preventing tunnel vision.


Aiming your target with a recurve bow is not hard. You only need to have the proper coaching and enough practice. Make sure to follow the steps we mentioned above to have a perfect aim. If you are a beginner, it is good if you will ask for some help from the experts.