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Introduction Product USMC KA-BAR Knife

They started making knives since 1898, and each knife undergoes their unique manufacturing processes and testing to ensure corrosion resistance, strength, edge holding ability and an out-of- the-box razor sharp cutting edge. This post will explains about USMC KA-BAR Knife that can be as the guideline when you want to purchase hunting knife when you hunting at jungle.

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Product Description 

It was positioned as the perfect knife for gift giving, celebrating a military anniversary or retirement or just to showcase customers’ pride in serving the USA. The Ka-Bar USMC fighting knife is a legendary blade that was first designed to serve United States Marine Corps troops during World War II. Now, more than 50 years later it still offers the same high-quality design. This knife remains the first choice for many men and women of service who carry it as their personal knife.

Pro or Benefits of it?

It is made with tough 1095 carbon steel blade that is epoxy powder coated and a stacked leather handle. Includes a leather USMC sheath. Made in the USA. The KA-BAR Knife features a gold- plated brass guard and pommel. The blade of this knife is durable and sharp

Cons or Downside of it?

1. Influencing buyers who have strong national spirit to buy a fighting knife which is associated to the United State Marine Corps (“USMC”)

  1. Strong indication of made in the USA in the product descriptions
  2. Option to put a personalized engraving on the knife

Are the any alternatives products?

  1. Possibility of a fake product sent to buyers
  2. The knife is not made in the USA as per claimed
  3. The price is slightly higher, starting from $95 compared to alternative products

Any comments that you can shared?

The knife is categorized under “Sports & Outdoors : Sports & Fitness : Hunting & Fishing : Hunting : Knives & Tools : Hunting Knives : Fixed Blade Hunting Knives” category. Under this category, there are more than 1,000 products listed. Examples of alternative products are as below

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Do you recommended to buy the products?

As a potential customer, there is a high chance of me to buy the USMC KA-BAR Knife due to:

  • A good rated product – average 4.8 out of 5 stars from 2,175 customer ratings
  • The product also received high number of reviews (2,717 reviews) which means the average 4.8 stars are very reliable

However, the seller can further improve by ensuring Negative Reviews are addressed. This will create a good impression to potential customers, reduce uncertainty of the product and can address any queries on the product before purchasing.

Secondly, seller may include more photos including samples of the engraving on the knife to entice potential customers. Additionally, seller should utilize the Positive Reviews’ keywords as part of their marketing collaterals. These were genuine recommendations made by their verified buyers on Amazon.


The USMC KA-BAR Knife is a good product which is highly rated by their existing buyers. The product has a target buyers of USMC veterans or those who have high national spirit of buying a USA made product. Furthermore, buyers can personalize their knife by engraving their knife. However, there is a risk of the product purchased by buyers are fake or the knife was note made in the USA as per claimed. The price of the knife is also higher than its alternative product, which may influence the decision of potential buyers. Nevertheless, with the higher number of Positive Reviews compared to the Negative Reviews, this product may be an easy sell to its interested target customers.