Arrowhead Stone

Information about the Types of Arrowhead Stone:4 Important tips

Information Types of Arrowhead Stone

Our ancestors use arrowheads in many ways. It is used during the war to defeat an enemy. This article explains Types of Arrowhead Stone that can give you information about the types of arrowheads that you can use and developed.

There are many types of arrowhead stone that can be used in hunting. Arrowhead stone can give instant kills for the animals that you target such as elk, moose, bear, coyote, duck and many other animals.

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It is also used in hunting small to large animals for food. Arrowhead is mainly made up of stone and bones, but not until this era, as most are made up of metal now. It differs in shape, size, and thickness, which makes it do a variety of tasks. 

There are three main types of arrowheads. And these include the target arrowhead, blunt arrowhead, and broadheads. To know more about these, just keep on reading.

Target Arrowhead Stone – Non-barb Arrowhead

If you are about to start to be an athlete in the field of archery, this would be the first type of arrowhead that you will surely be using. It can be easily pierced into and pull back at the same time from any archery target. For that reason, it can also penetrate human skin. So, this should be used only by a knowledgeable athlete to avoid any accidents.

One example of this type is the bullet arrowhead. It is a pointed arrow tip that can shoot grass-type, foam target, and bag target. It can also be used in hunting birds and other small animals. Since it lacks a barb, this could limit you from any hunting experience.

Blunt Arrowhead – Non-penetrator Arrowhead

This second type differs much as it creates a sudden impact that can kill an animal. It only means that no penetration happens. In contrary to target arrowhead, blunt arrowhead has a flat tip which can be made up of either steel or plastic. It can be used to hunt small animals like ptarmigan and squirrels. 

The very famous type of blunt arrowhead is the judo point. Its arrow tip is geared with a metal spring that hinders it from going into much depth to the ground—thereby allowing it not to be lost in any hunting sessions. So, if you are a hunter that wants to kill its prey by tactile force and grabbing hooks, this could be the one for you. 

Apart from this, there is also a field arrow tip that does the task of archery and hunting. It is a pointed and sharp arrow point. It produces a more damaging effect as compared to the target arrowhead.

Broadhead – The Most Harmful Arrowhead

Broadhead is a pointed arrowhead with three or more sharpened razor blades. Since it has more surface due to that, it flies differently. It deeply penetrates in this manner in the point that it causes too much bleeding to a prey. This structure made it more consistent not to fall out from any animal’s body. 

Another to thing define broadhead, is by comparing it to modern surgical tools that meticulously create defined cuts. So, if you are about to purchase this one, just make sure that it should be for hunting. As these are very dangerous tools, you should always keep it on your mind.

When you are also a fund of fishing, there are also type of barb arrowheads for that. That is the bow fishing arrowhead. It can be a long spring arrow tip that catches and hold fish.  


This article give you informations about Types of Arrowhead Stone that can be use n the hunting animals. It is hope that this article will give you information and understanding about the Types of Arrowhead Stone.

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