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Introduction Best Crossbow for 100 yards

During hunting, each and every single shot counts. Not just hitting the target, but if possible, with just one shot. To achieve this, a lot has to be considered in your choice of crossbow. The average hunting range for most people is about 80 yards. Actually, most people would prefer to take a shot from as close as 35 yards. From this distance, you’re assured of taking down even the biggest game. To aim from 100 yards, it gets a bit tricky. However with a good crossbow, taking this shot will be as easy as taking it from 35 yards. Here are my top five picks for crossbows for 100 yards.

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package with Illuminated 1.5-5x32mm Scope, Gunmetal Gray

This is absolutely the best thing in the hunting world. Ravin crossbows are made with the HeliCoil engine technology that has really revolutionized the hunting crossbows. With this technology, cables are coiled away from the cams’ bottom and top, which keeps them in perfect helical grooves for purposes of balance.

The cams can rotate to as far as 340 degrees and at the same time remain flawlessly level when shooting. This technology creates a refined crossbow that has incredible and unbeatable accuracy even from as far as 100 yards.

Its cocking system is the versa-draw system. With more than 10 pound cocking strength, this coking system is ultra-effective. This is made possible by the HeliCoil engine technology. The system makes it really easy to cock or un-cock your crossbow to deliver undoubted accuracy with each shot.

Trac-trigger built in firing mechanism. This system slides really fast on the rail clasping accurately to the center of the crossbow string during shooting. This delivers a strong accurate dead straight shot.

Its flight system is absolutely frictionless. This state of the art crossbow allows each and every arrow, as well as the string, to float above the main rail. This creates a frictionless motion for the arrow to ensure an accurate shot.

Ravin R20 Crossbow Package With Illuminated 1.5-5x32mm Scope, Predator Camouflage

Ravin manufacturers are well known for their sleek design of crossbow packages. Besides the R10, this is another amazing invention that they’ve brought about.

With a total length of about 6 inches, and a total weight of about 7.1 pounds, this crossbow is really easy to carry around.

The most unique feature about this product is the 1-8 by 24mm eagle vortex strike scope for dead ass accuracy. This is a feature that you don’t just find in any other crossbow.
The R20 also uses the HeliCoil technology that keeps the cables in stable helical grooves to deliver a crazy accurate shot.

Its sling mounts are ultra-durable as well as fire resistant. This ensures that you are absolutely safe during hunting and that you get value for your money.

Just like in the R10, its cocking system is versa-draw with a very high pound cocking strength.

The package comes with 6 durable arrows, 6 100-grain field points for practice, an arrow quiver, a cocking handle and a mounting bucket.

By bringing these accessories together, Ravin has assured you of a crazy accurate shot and most importantly value for your money.

Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package, Large, Camo

If you’re looking for a balance between speed, weight, size and accuracy, then look for nothing but the 360 CRT ghost crossbow.

It comes in a very compact design that works just perfectly if you’re hunting out of a blind.

With the ghost 360, weight shall never be an issue. This is because it’s made from light weight carbon riser material, which is patented giving the crossbow just a mere 7 pounds.

This is why it’s referred to as the CRT crossbow which basically stands for carbon riser technology.

For safety purposes, this crossbow is fitted with a 5-1 system and anti-dry trigger system that gives top class performance. Its cable system and the crosswire strings work together to deliver a strong and an almost straight shot.

For more effective shooting, the ghost 360 has been fitted with finger reminders as well as pass-through front grasp. It comes with a cocking scope as well for more accuracy.
Stand and shoot with unbeatable confidence by choosing the ghost 360.

Center Point Arcery Mercenary 390 Compound Crossbow Package

Each and every part of the bruin ambush has been cut from the best of materials by the best manufacturers of crossbow parts in the whole globe.

With about 7 pounds of bow weight and 35 inches of bow length, the bruin ambush is absolutely the easiest to carry around the hunting area.

A power stroke of about 13.75’’ works to deliver a dead straight shot that will bring down that deer with one shot even from 100 yards away.

Its quiver is quick detachable more even better convenience. Its aluminum barrel delivers the best aesthetics and looks you can every get on a crossbow. And anti-dry trigger pack ensures safety and also delivers accurate shots.

The package also includes some awesome accessories; a 4by32mm focusing scope, string wax, sting silencers, cocking rope, limb dampeners, bolt quiver and a string stopper.

These features will deliver that shot you’ve been thinking about.

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Bulldog 400 4400 Crossbow with Tact-Zone, Medium, Camouflage

A weight of about 12 pounds makes it really easy to carry around.

This is probably the cutest and the most affordable crossbow you’ll ever come across. Made from long lasting materials, the matrix bulldog gives you the value for your money.

It also has a focusing scope with a tact- zone for more accurate shots from distances of about 100 yards.

Its total length measures to about 35 inches. This is a very convenient size of a crossbow and will deliver a strong shot.

During hunting, you don’t want that deer to see you. Excalibur has this sorted as the matrix bulldog comes with unique colors that will camouflage and blend really well in the wild.

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Choose the matrix bulldog and you’re in a smooth hunt.

Generally, the stronger the shooting power, the better the crossbow will be for hunting from more than 100 yards. When choosing a crossbow, carefully check the specifications, the accessories that come with it and most importantly, its safety measures (you obviously don’t want to hunt yourself down). The above reviews will be a comprehensive guide to you.