What you know about Atlatl

What You Should Know About Atlatl:5 Important Tips

Introduction to Atlatl Weapon

An atlatl is a hunting instrument used by primitive hunters. But, most people misunderstood about the evolution of the different hunting tools. This article will explain Atlatl that is very important in hunting activities. Some people believe that the first tool used by primitive hunters is the spears that turn into bow and arrow.

What You Should Know About Atlatl

The atlatl is one of the oldest weapons that been used in hunting in the last centuries. This weapon is very dangerous and must be treated carefully when you want to hunt animals in the jungle.

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If you are hunters, using this weapon is a very good strategy that wants to kill the target .using the stealth mode. Atlatl is a very good combination of tools and strength that can kill the target easily if you know how to use it.

Most of the hunters in the jungle prefer to use a weapon such as hunting knife like Rambo knife, crossbow, recurve bow, and compound that is very quiet and can kill in stealth.

There are also hunters that can make and create homemade crossbow, homemade compound bow, or homemade hunting knife that suitable in the hands and palms. However, it should be noted here that using the Atlatl weapon will provide you with a different experience than using the other type of weapons that list above.

As a hunter, you can use this weapon to hunt elk, hog, rabbit, doves, duck, bobcat, coyote, wolves, moose, black bear, and many types of small animals. Using Atlatl will help you concentrate on the target and this will improve your aims and your ability to target.

On the other hand, most of you don’t know that the evolution of hunting tools could not be done without the presence of the atlatl. 

As mentioned earlier, this weapon, which is pronounced as ot-lot-tal, is a simple spear-throwing weapon that has a compact size. To use an atlatl, you also need to have a dart. This weapon is being used in throwing the dart, which has a length of five feet, with a speed of 90 miles per hour. 

You need to use the atlatl in pushing the dart. In connection with that, you need to move your arms that will accurately hit your target with a deadly projectile. You can create your own dart and atlatl. This will enable you to have your preferred length and size of atlatl and dart.

A dart looks like an arrow that has been shortened. An average dart has a size of ½ inch in diameter and 5 feet long. On the other hand, the atlatl length is usually ranging from two to three feet long. Also, it comes with different designs. It is up to your personal preference which design you want.

You might be thinking about how to hunt a wild animal with an atlatl, well you will get your answers from the following section.

How to throw an Atlatl

Atlatl and dart are the oldest hunting weapons that are well-known in some countries around the globe, such as North America. This weapon is being used by most of the primitive hunters in hunting a wide-horned bison and mammoth. 

To use this weapon and dart in hunting, you only need to throw it on your target. Make sure that you will hit your target accurately and consistently. This will prevent wild animals from running away from your place.

Using an atlatl is easy if you are well-focused on your target. It is also important to make sure to have a very pointed dart to hunt wild animals. This weapon and dart are not only being used in hunting wild animals, but it is also utilized by many to harvest rough fish. 

If you are going to use it in fishing, you need to change its darts. But most hunters want to use a dart that is made of wood. But if you are going to harvest lots of fishes, you might consider creating darts that are made with fiberglass. This material will make the darts more durable while using. 


Using these types of weapons in hunting is not that hard. It is way much easier to use compared with the other modernized hunting tools. All you need to do is to practice. Developing your hunting skills is essential. Keep in mind that a good focus will also help you to have a more accurate hit. 

It should be noted here that this weapon must be treated carefully and always think about the safety so that it will hurt the others when using it.

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