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What You Should Know about Bow Brace Height

Learn about Bow Brace Height

Bow hunting has become a widespread activity these days especially if you are hunter that want to involved in bow hunting experience. This article explain regarding bow brace height that important for hunter to know and understand about it when hunting animals in the jungle.

Hunters have to focus on various parameters of the bow to get a perfect aim. One such specification of a bow that is often neglected is Brace Height of the Bow. This article explains regarding Bow Brace Height that important when you want to start bow hunting in the jungle.

Most of the rookie bow hunters are not even aware of this term

Information of Bow Brace Height:

It is the distance between the deepest part of the grip and the bowstring. The deepest part of the grip is also known as the throat. While measuring the height, the bowstring should be at rest. 

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This parameter is applicable for traditional as well as a compound bow. Many traditional archers pay attention to this feature for added accuracy. 

Measuring the Bow for Brace Height:

Now, we will show you how to measure the brace height of a bow. It is a straightforward process; however, you need a measuring tool. Make sure you use a proper measuring device to get the right distance.

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The measuring scale should be at a 90-degree angle with the string. If it is tilted, you will get the wrong reading. You can use a T bow square to get the measurement. With the T shape, you can keep the scale at 90 degrees. 

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You can also use a standard scale, but make sure you hold it right. To measure the brace height, keep one point of the scale at the throat of the bow grip and measure the distance up to the bowstring.

Normal Bow of Brace Height:

The bow brace height can range from 6 to 9 inches. The height can also be less than 6 inches. For co pound bow, the brace height ranges from 6 to 7 inches. Most bowhunters use bows with 6 inches of brace height.

Importance of Bow Brace Height:

Here, we will show you who brace height is an important feature of a bow.

The brace height of the bow affects two things, i.e., speed of the arrow and forgiveness. 

Arrow Speed: 

The bow brace height affects the speed of the arrow you shoot if the brace height is short, the speed of the arrow increases and vice versa. Bows with longer brace height release arrow at a lesser speed.

Arrow speed is very important for long-distance targets. The arrow will travel a long distance in a short time. 

If you reduce the brace height by 1 inch, the arrow speed will increase by ten fps. This is the rule on adjusting brace height.

Accuracy of the bow:

It also affects the accuracy of the shot. Bows with short brace height are not very forgiving. If you make a small error, it will affect the patch of the arrow.

A bow with longer brace height is more forgiving. It is not affected by small errors. 

So basically, bow with short brace height affects accuracy while bow with long brace height improves accuracy.

Short Brace Height = More Speed + Less Forgiving

Long Brace Height = Low Speed + More Forgiving

Thus is all you need to know about Bow Brace Height. You can use the brace height for your advantage in bowhunting.