Primitive Bow Hunting

What You Should Know About Primitive Bow Hunting

Introduction Primitive Bow Hunting

You don’t need to be an expert archer to perform primitive hunting with a bow. Also, you are not required to purchase expensive bow to start developing skills for primitive hunting. This article will explaIn primitive bow hunting that is important for hunters to know the history of bowhunting.

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What is Primitive Bow Hunting?

Primitive bow hunting is the technique that been used by the ancient people when hunting. Primitive bow hunting involved creating and developing homemade crossbow, homemade compound bow or homemade recurve bow.

During the previous day, Bow Hunting is the required skill by the hunters to know and learn how to create a bow, know the right woods when they want to create a bow for hunting.

Hunting using a bow is a very important skill that needs to learn when you want to hunt animals. Hunting a bow involved a stealth technique that required patience and calm.

All you need to do is to enjoy your shooting skills and purchase a bow that suits your budget and meets your shooting needs. 

Bowhunting skills

Nothing is wrong when you want to enhance your hunting skills with a bow. But make sure that you will opt for a bow and other hunting equipment that will suit your skills and will satisfy your hunting experiences.

A primitive bow hunting is simply the use of basic hand tools. These include stone arrow tips, primitive bows, and arrow. The bows were mainly made of bamboo, but they can supersede contemporary bows like fiberglass bows.  

In the country of Papua New Guinea, the ethnic hunters use tools that imitate the World War II period. Their arrows are made up of thorny wooden tips. Their bows were carefully made to flatten bamboo. Segments of plant fiber are used to hasten their bows. The bows measure from 63 to 67 inches. 

When hunting comes, they stalk and follow an animal’s path. Even though they come in a group, only one member of the team will shoot. Based on this study, it is shown that the weightless arrows have more help them to catch their prey rather than using a modern bow, which is heavier. 

Making Your Bow 

To create a quality bow, it is always great to combine long-live woods and non-fiberglass. Apart from the wood, the bow can be coupled with snakeskin and rawhide. One of the examples for this is the horse bow. It is made up of the simplest design, but they have a great propelling arrowhead ability. Since it is primitive, it needs more care so to maintain its structure and function.

Now, when you are about to make your bows, you need materials like quality bow staves or bamboo and all-in-one adhesives. When it comes to staves, you better have it done by someone who is an expert. As for your adhesives, it should be the brand than can stick woods and fiberglass, and of course, as well as wood-to-wood structure. 

To do things mechanically, you should have tools such as scrapers, draw knives, and many more. For a more detailed design, you should use the draw knives. Whereas, for the final shaping, you can use the cabinet scraper. When you are done carving and testing your refined bow, you can coat it with some chemicals like the polyurethane to maintain its rigidity. Now, to harness your bow, you need a bowstring like the Flemish string. 

Flint Knapping – Your Best Arrowhead to Go

When it comes to your arrow tip, there are ways to have a great flake. These include percussion flaking and pressure flaking. Percussion flaking uses either soft or hard hammer to take off flakes. These flaking tools are namely the moose, elk, aluminum, and copper. You just put the raw material in your working pad and strike it based on your preferred shape.

Today, there are other tools for flint knapping, including aluminum billet and flintknapper. This will aid you to obtain precise blade shapes such as serrated and excavated ones. And for better knapping experience, you can use heat treatment for your raw material. It makes the material shinier and refine. 

Tip for Primitive Hunting

Even the basic tool can achieve great archery and hunting performance, and great skill is still needed to obtain an on the spot shot. Moreover, your experiences and practices are ways to improve your ability. So, just keep on practicing and trusting yourself as well as your bow and arrow.

On the other hand, if you are a hunter for a long period and you successfully developed your hunting skills, then you need to improve the hunting tools and equipment you usually use. You want to improve the bow you are using. Wear camouflage and do not use any perfume that will startle the wild. Instead, consider using a formula that can restrict the natural scent of your body. 

But if you are a hunter who developed modern hunting skills, can you hunt without the use of a rifle? Can you hunt using a bow only? But, there is nothing wrong with being a modern hunter, since you are a humane and efficient one.

Why Bow Hunting?

There are lots of people who have lost the skills for hunting. But despite being outdated, hunting with the use of a bow is always an OKAY experience compared on hunting with rifles. If you are a modern hunter, just imagine yourself being stuck in the middle of the forest without your rifle?

In the forest, you can create your own bow, which you can use in hunting wild animals. Your hunting skills are always important. You need to improve it day by day. This is because, without your rifle or camouflage outfit, your hunting skills will help you to survive in the wild.

Primitive bow hunting can also be your hobby. You know, in this generation, there are only a few individuals who perform primitive bow hunting. 

Primitive bow hunting requires lots of skills. You also need to use hunting weapons such as a bow. You also need to understand how to read the animal signs and how to track them. Locating the area of your target animal is also crucial. You need to understand their habits, the time when they rest, the things they eat, and many others.

In primitive bow hunting, you should develop a skill that will help you to determine the various animal droppings. This will help you to determine the type of animal you are targeting. Aside from that, it will also help you to determine if there are possible predators that could attack you anytime. 

When it comes to predators, you also need to know the habits of your animal when they are along with the predators. This will help you a lot in identifying the precautionary measures you need to do.


Primitive bow hunting is a good hobby. But it needs your time, effort, and patience to fully develop your hunting skills.