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Introduction White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Before online shopping were available, people have to visit the local stores, facing with parking and weather problems, long lines, and dealing with the loading and unloading of shopping carts. This article explains about White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot the can be used as the guideline when want to purchase ankle boot online.

Not too far years before, when online shopping was available, people still have doubt and feel insecure to share the important information such as credit card, personal details and paying in a big amount of money to third party virtually. Looking at now, the online shopping has taken a big impact on shopper behaviour.

People no longer feel worries on shopping online, use credit card and share their personal details. Customers may still have doubt in shopping online but the data shown that more people are start to change their behaviour by shopping online. In addition, those better services such as fast delivery, zero charge delivery policy and easier return policy has also driven the desirability

of customers to shop more through online. IBIS World research predicts a rise in online sales of 8.6 percent per year over the coming five years. Strong consumer expectations and the growing number and type of products offered have driven the popularity of online shopping. Most of existing physical stores also are moving part of their business to online in order to cut costs and maximize their profit.

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Product Description for White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

This is a White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot under the brand of Timberland. This item cost at range of $72.00 to $220.59. It available in 5 colours which are Dark Brown, Brown, Black, Wheat and Black. This boot is made up of 100% leather. Its soles are made up of rubber which the approximate measurement is 4.75” from arch. This boot has premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers, seam- sealed waterproof construction, and rustproof speed lace hardware with hooks at top for secure lacing. This boot is mainly designed to fit in with customers’ outdoor-ready ensembles

Pro or Benefits of it?

This boot is from Timberland brand which is a trusted and branded boot brand. Timberland start its business in manufacturing waterproof leather boot in 1973 and since then, their popularity was increasing over the years. Compare to other boot brand, Timberland would make a great choice for customer for its good quality variance and endurance. Its outside skin is made with 100% premium waterproof leather from an LWG Silver-rated tannery. It has a warranty as well covered by Timberland itself

Cons or Downside of it?

Apart from its pros, these boots have some cons as well. This boot only can be shipped within United States of America. Someone from other country such as us Malaysia can’t purchase this item. Secondly the base of the boot is only glued with its main body. Quite few customers who use it in more hard mode complained that the base could detached from its main body. This boot also is a unisex boot but the appearance is not suitable with women. Thus, not many women wear this boot although it suit them.

Are the any alternatives products?

Any comments that you can shared?

Overall, around 88% are satisfied (above average) which is 3 stars and above, out of 5 stars. 69% gave a full star which means this product is likely good, follow what has been written in the product description and satisfied their customer well.

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Yes I recommended 100%.

Personally, I recommend to purchase this product, based on its strong brand and good reviews given by their previous customers. Some customers are not happy with it, but seeing the ratio of good review compared with the bad review, somehow it concludes that it does have a good quality and worth to buy.


In a nutshell, shopping online can help us to compare many products in a wider area compare to the physical store. Imagine we can compare with other millions product in one site. Apart from that, we can communicate as well with its seller and review the feedback given by their previous customers. Security wise, it is almost secure enough to shop online as the security is strengthening over the time. Shopping online is the future of buying and selling things, thus all brand must participate in this sector and the chance of other individual seller also is bright, in order for them to be a successful entrepreneur.