Who Invented the Crossbow

Who Invented The Crossbow: Learning from history

Who Invented the Crossbow?

Crossbow is a weapon we barely come across, but if you plan on going hunting back in the woods, you might consider getting it. This article explains Who Invented the Crossbow that important for hunters to learn and know when want to start the hunt for animals when there are in the jungle.

We already explain who invented the compound bow on this website and in this section, we will explain who invented crossbow for the hunting experience especially when want to hunt animals such as elk, moose, kudu, elephant, and many more animals that required precision and agility.

Well you, also want to maybe know what kind of weapon it is. It is a modern version of the bow and uses the same elastic launching mechanism to trigger arrows. Crossbows are believed to be made and used in China, as long back as in 650BC.

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When the question arises of who invented the crossbow, archeological studies prove that the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China. An ancient manuscript proves that a Mr. Ch’in of Ch’u is the one who invented the crossbow. He used a simple method, using a horizontal bow mounted on top of a leveled wood with stock and trigger mechanism.

Crossbows have come a long way since then. The modern crossbows with easy trigger mechanisms, launch control, and scope attachments make them a fun weapon. It has also been popularized in a lot of video games and movies.

Apart from that, some historical discoveries led to prove that In Europe, during the 1st century AD, an under-developed kind of crossbow was also in use. It was called “gastraphetes” by the locals. It was a kind of catapult, which was used to hunt animals in ambush, where one couldn’t get too close to the animal.

The biggest advantage of using a crossbow was because of the utter silence and noise-less launch.

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In Medieval Europe, as wars broke out with the French, crossbows began to turn into a tool to kill. It’s still unclear who invented the crossbow to be made more sophisticated war weapons, but there is History teaching us about all those incidents that occurred but aren’t properly recorded. Also, there was a big disadvantage of using the crossbow.

The reload mechanism was a very long and slow process and it wasn’t simply very effective to counter the sudden attacks. As muskets, gunpowder, and canons came to play then Crossbows were obsolete for the military. But the hunters still kept using it and still are used today, for its sheer range, piercing ability, and silent launch.

In today’s time, crossbows have become a gimmick of sport. They are used for training the archers and in some archer sports. They are still parts in Asia, Europe, and the US, where it’s used as a hunting tool.

Some specialized crossbows are even used by fishermen, with a hook mechanism to hunt the fish. It’s also used by aquatic researchers to track whales and other exotic fishes and get a biopsy sample without having to hurt them or getting too close.

The evidence from the archeologist and historians proves that during a different period of time, in different places around the world crossbow or similar kinds of weapons were used all over.

Be it southeast China, where it is said to be first used, or in Europe, or in parts of Egypt and Africa, these tools have been used in hunting and warfare purposes. It’s very intimidating that this weapon has still managed to survive even today with such vast modern almost sci-fi weapons. It’s still unclear who invented the crossbow, but whoever did, was definitely a genius.