when want to Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator

How to Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator


Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator

How to Wire Bow fishing Lights to Generator

Bowfishing can be an enjoyable and fun hobby. It can be done during day or night. If you want to enjoy bowfishing at night, you must know how to wire bow fishing lights to the generator. To help you with this, you can consider the following steps.  This article explains Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator that is important when you want to bow fishing.

How to Wire Bow fishing Lights to Generator

Step 1 when want to Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator

You need a 10, 50-watt 110-volt LED lights that must be connected. 

Step 2 when want to Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator

The next step is you need to run them into a generator on the bowfishing rail. 

Step 3 

You can utilize wire nuts and fill it with liquid electrical tape if you choose to run it in conduit. If the connections are exposed, you can prefer for butt splices with shrink wrap for a neater look. 

Step 4 

You can have 3 switches for the wiring lights. Each side and the front lights. If you reach a camp, you can turn off the lights on the side and fish right on without lighting up their windows. 

The underwater lights can also have outlet plugs so that the plug can straight into the generator. You can run a 12-volt converter plugged to the generator. The two 12-volt batteries can offer you with more power for different trips. 

Now, you have learned how to wire bowfishing lights to the generator. Let us know about the importance of bowfishing generators. 

The Importance of Bowfishing Generators 

If you love bowfishing, you can prefer or bowfishing generators. The following are some of the benefits of generators. 

  • More Affordable 

If you are a budget-conscious hobbyist, choosing the bowfishing generators can be a good decision. Thus, it is a more affordable option compared to the LED lights. You don’t have to spend more of your money just to get more. 

  • Better Light Penetration 

Another reason why you must choose the bowfishing generators is that it provides better light penetration in the water. With this, you can focus more on catching a fish at night for a delicious meal. 

  • Ideal for Muddy Water 

Generators can be your perfect option when it comes to bowfishing on the muddy water. 

  • Widespread Access 

The good thing about bowfishing generators is that it can provide you with more access to this setup type. 

  • Prefer for Generators with Less Noise 

You can also choose for generators with less noise. With that, you will not have problems talking to your loved ones while bowfishing. 

  • Efficient Light Bulbs 

With bowfishing generators, you can have efficient but less cost light bulbs that come with a reasonable lifespan. So, you can illuminate the lights on the water. 

  • Long-Lasting 

Bowfishing generators are also beneficial since it is long-lasting. It can be your reliable partner on the water without worrying about the battery. If you don’t want to get disappointed in the end, you can prefer for bowfishing generators. Thus, you can continuously enjoy your bowfishing without worrying about having a weak battery. 

  • Quality in Less Cost 

The generators for your bowfishing habit can provide you with great quality at just a low cost. You can avail it in just under $600, but you can still be satisfied with its performance. 

Meanwhile, just like other products, the bowfishing generators also come with its drawbacks. These are the following:

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Drawbacks of Bowfishing Generators 

  • In bowfishing generators, the orange lighting can give you a headache.
  • The light bulbs of the generators come with less lifespan compared to the LEDs. 
  • Another drawback of generators is that it can take more space in the boat compared to the LEDs. 
  • You can get what you pay for. Thus, most of the more affordable generators come with low quality. 
  • The generators are also noisy, which is its main drawback. With this, it can be hard for you to talk with your family or friends as you bowfishing during the night.

After learning the advantages and disadvantages of bowfishing generators, you must also know how to buy the best generator. If you plan to buy your new bowfishing generators, you can be guided by the following ideas:

Buying Guide for Purchasing a Bowfishing Generator 

If you have high standards for your bowfishing generator, you must prefer for those who come with 60 decibels or lesser. There is no need for you to spend $1,000 on your generator. Thus, there are many available quality generators that you can get in just under $600. 

Aside from the sound, you must also consider the gas tank of the generator. You must check its capacity. You must take note that some bowfishing generators can last up to 10 hours to a full tank before you can refill it. With bigger tanks, you can keep the lights on for a longer time. 

Another important factor to consider when buying a bowfishing generator is its portability. Some generators are heavy, so before you buy, you must choose the one that can suit your individual needs. Even more important, you must also find a generator that has an ergonomic handle. 

You must also consider its size. Make sure that it can fit on your bowfishing boat. With that, you have the assurance to have a hassle-free experience with your fishing equipment. You can also stand up on your boat with your generator. 

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The cost of generator light is also an important consideration, and you can choose it according to your budget, needs, and standards. The housing for generator lights can cost around $85 up to $125. If you are new to bowfishing, you can choose for cheaper generator lights. 

If you are a beginner, it is a wise decision to choose the bowfishing generators than LEDs. You can also start with cheaper generators until you improve your skills in the fishing sport. Meanwhile, you must also consider the brightness of the lights to make the best of your bowfishing habit. 

Choosing the best equipment for your bowfishing is important. Therefore, you must choose quality equipment without spending much of your hard-earned budget. What are you waiting for? Start finding the best generator for your bowfishing. You can also get the best light bulbs for your generator. With these things, you can focus more on catching fish during at night.